Optimal Home Office Design-A Series of Articles-#2

The world in my handsSo last week we discussed what success mean to me. I hope you agreed.

Today I like to suggest that in a home office environment you can be incredibly successful, because you have total control of the working environment. Control is a must in Feng Shui terms, for control of your environment equals control over your life.

These are some of the most important areas that you need to exercise control if, in fact, you are going to achieve success:

1. Control of where your home/office is located.

2. Quality of access to both the home and the office.

3. Your ability position yourself in control in your bedroom and in your office.

4. The quality and size of your desk and chair and your bed.

5. Be mindful of conflicting activities.

6. Organize the environments so as to not accumulate clutter, especially in the entry, the bedroom and the office.

7. Check and adjust the center of your home, and

8. Have appropriate lighting.

Today I will discuss having control over the location of the home/office and its consequences.

Just as important as the quality of your neighborhood is to your home and business. The road situation where the home/business is located, affects your business and your life as well.

 Among the many building locations considered difficult is when a road or a water way curves away from your home/business. According to principles of energy, a water way is like a road. Both have defined boundaries and are directional moving elements. In Feng Shui practice, water correlates to wealth. This life situation will portend financial trouble, an under performing  business and difficulties in attracting quality employees, helpers and clients. It similarly affects the home life.

If your business is at the end of a cul-de-sac, you will tend to have even more struggle attracting quality business and employees.

If a major road aims directly at the front door or at a major window, your business will be always unpredictable and may in fact be a target of lawsuits and slander.

There are many more difficult site situations, including where the home/office is located within the lot, within the building and on the street in regards to other streets and walkways, but the reality is that we can’t control what goes on outside our home/office, once we are living in it. But we can control the inside! This is where Feng Shui knowledge is of paramount importance. What you do regarding the inside of your home and within your immediate surroundings will help you offset the negative situations that you cannot control. Your world is in your hands!!! 

That is the topic of my next entry. Stay tuned!


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