The week of “Growing the Lotus”

In our morning meditation group–see 30 Days-30 Minutes Meditation in Action  on we completed a week of “growing the lotus”, a stand-in for the area of your life we’ve selected to grow. We did this to begin to understand that whatever we desire to grow outside of us, begins with a seed inside of us. We alone have what it is needed to nurture our healthy desires. We have the power to grow our relationships, our careers; enhance our reputation, increase our knowledge, our wealth, our creativity, our happiness, and get whatever we need to have a fuller, more peaceful life. As the “flower” we are growing, we also know that whatever “thing” we desire, it has a cycle, so that we don’t get attached to the idea that what we want is “it”. But it is what we desire now and it is good and because we are not attached to it, we allow that this or something better may show up.
Additionally, for “a flower” to soak up as many nutrients as needed to grow healthy, we have to pull out the “weeds” (the beliefs, the things, the emotions, the people, the circumstances that no longer fit us as we embody the flower we want to be).
I asked the group to spend 15-20 minutes each day of this weekend, simply breathing. Not listen to relaxing music, a canned meditation, or visualization. Just breathe! Watch your belly rise and fall as you breathe in and out. Just be! In the final 10 minutes, hone the visualization for next week and make a list of possible weeds. That is all. Don’t commit to anything else, just breathe, write a “better story” and identify some weeds.
Ellen F. earned a guided meditation this week, which I emailed on Friday, for bringing Jaci, all the way from Israel!!!


One thought on “The week of “Growing the Lotus”

  1. This is one response I got today on my private email and I thought worth sharing because it is very typical of what we experience when we try not to think 🙂


    I would like to have everyone enjoy their meditation.
    I enjoy the quiet, focus and peace it brings to me.

    This weekend’s assignment is just breathing.
    I have once again found that my mind’s eye is busy even if I focus on my breathing.
    I started to say over and over again, ‘right now, just this moment, just this breath’ to help me stay focused in the moment and breathing.
    At the 15 minute mark, I realized I was thinking about apple trees and raspberry plants, so I was not focused again on my breathing.
    I stopped at that point and took Buddy and my husband for a walk.

    Hope you all have a great day filled with fun, pleasurable thoughts and activities.
    Talk tomorrow.”

    Dale D.

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