Gratitude has been on my mind

What is Gratitude anyway? Well, after Monday’s meditation group, this word has changed for me. I am a giver at times, and at times a taker. But to be in gratitude feels more like  a state of being connected to Spirit.

During the meditation that Lidia led, she asked us to choose an image that we hold dear to our hearts, and a picture I had seen hours before class jumped at me. My sweet daughter as she laid on my chest days after being born. We were both asleep basking in the comfort of our heartbeats & the familiarity of our rhythms. So sweet.

But, these last few months have been trying with her. The sweet days seems so far gone, and yet I had this longing to experience ease with her, and her with me.

So, Divinely timed, Gratitude invited me to see her sweetness in that picture. So, I decided I was going to hold it dear to my heart. Then Lidia asked us to share this image with the world. At that point, I felt as if my heart was exploding with love, and I had a real excitement about spreading not just the image, but all the feelings, hopes, sense of connection, bond, mother-daughter healing that accompanies this relationship. I felt abundant and so, offering this gift to the world, felt expansive.

To be honest, I don’t know what else we did in the meditation, but I remember coming out of it KNOWING what it feels like in my body to be IN GRATITUDE.

For me it is when I feel so full & sharing of this fullness is the natural next step. Giving of myself simply because it is born within me.

One other thing that really stuck with me was to CHECK IN constantly to feel if giving is in alignment in each moment. It sure brings up a lot around Mothering. And the questions of : When is giving feeling more like a should, and when is it really Gratitude. And the difference in vibration between the two.
Something to explore.


5 thoughts on “Gratitude has been on my mind

  1. “. . . Giving of myself simply because it is born within me . . .”


    Isn’t it something to come to a realization of some universal truth through the process of meditation? I mean, take your quote I reproduced above. You are “giving” because it is “born within” you.

    You, me us . . . we all have it “born” within us, and all it takes for us to see it manifest is to stop our runaway thoughts and “be in the moment.” Take time to see and feel the moment when our inner Self projects love or gratitude or joy, simply because we gave our selves a “taste” of our child, a picture of our child. (For me, I get to stretch out a warm feeling of love when I think of my dog “Willie” whose been dead for some 20 years but visits me routinely in my dreams.) I am able to spread out that positive feeling and build upon it with another positive emotion, let’s say “awe,” until I get to a point when I am building blocks of goodness higher and higher within my Self.

    Whoa, did not want to go this far, but reading you inspired me to take a chance that you might find some interest in how you touched this meditator.


    Michael J

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  3. Hello! My brand-new blog contact Michael J of the Contoveros blog had such nice things to say about your post, that I had to come here and see what you wrote. I’m glad I did! I don’t know how I can add anything to Michael’s beautiful comment — he articulates what I felt too, in my own way. That feeling you had picturing your dear child, and that Michael has when he thinks about his dear dog Willie, is to me what the awakening heart is all about. Thanks for sharing this with us.


    1. Steven & Michael,
      I am so incredibly humbled by your response to the words that came through me! I invite you to follow Lidia’s work & if you feel inspired, follow my one month “Pilgrimage” to India with my family. Check it out,

      I hope to contribute to Lidia’s blog- I really connect to her teachings & they provide such an opening for my process.

      Thanks for reading & please keep checking in with your comments!

      Asha (Glen is my husband!)

      1. You are most welcome. When heart speaks to heart, the heart cannot help but respond in kind. I’ve subscribed to your RSS (and Michael J’s) so I’ll definitely follow along, and look forward to everyone’s contributions.

        The trip to India sounds wonderful…my wife and I would love to go there some day. I’ve added your travelling family circus to my links to follow. I know I’ll get a lot of vicarious enjoyment from watching your adventures.

        With all best wishes,


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