Gratitude and healing

Ashaglen’s entry on gratitude has prompted a couple of beautiful responses. We are grateful!

As I read the responses, I feel an outpouring of love both from the original entry and from the responses. I said many times that love is the strongest of all healing medicines. Gratitude is its best partner! You can’t feel thankful and not feel love. Nor the reverse.

On Monday’s meeting we discussed ethical speech. We said that words–said and unspoken, can heal or destroy. We talked about the enormous responsibility of being a conscious human. Ashaglen’s words promote healing. In helping others heal through speech, touch, feng shui, meditation …you also self-heal and in the process, heal our world. What an enormous power we have!!!

There is another aspect of feeling gratitude and love and therefore experience the power of healing. As you move through life powered by the resulting emotions, we leave behind our habitual self-cherishing.

When someone else’s well-being is more important than our own, we begin to understand compassion. In Ashaglen’s moving piece, she touches compassion through the relationship with her daughters.

Funny, but that is how we human beings, especially women, are given the chance to learn compassion. As we move through life and get busy and the little tikes grow up, we seem to forget these precious feelings. Yet, precious they are. Our grown kids can continue to elicit compassion, our relatives, our friends, yes, even the one who said some “nasty”, uncaring  things to us. Our neighboor who made a fuss about something we did; the man who opened fire on unsuspecting co-workers and the authorities who believe that by sentencing someone to die it will deter others from commiting crimes.

They all deserve the same level of compassion, because we and they want the same thing: happiness. However distorted our idea of happiness is, those of us who are commited to the path of awakening know that compassion, love and gratitude can heal our wounds and the ones of those around us.

Commit to create healing today through gratitude for all the things you are and you have. Through love as you feel gratitude swell up from your heart and because of these powerful emotions, summon compassion for yourself by forgiving yourself and others as we strive to be happy, as Marci Shimoff says: “for no reason”!


One thought on “Gratitude and healing

  1. Thanks Lidia! Compassion, such an incredible place. I know that in my challenges as a mom, I have not only learned compassion for my girls, but for myself & other women who are really having a hard time. I mean, after you have meltdowns in groceries stores at peak hours, how do you not reach out and help the woman at the grocery store who is frazzled with her 2 year old’s screams!

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