My success is related to the quality of my entrance, my bed position or where is my office located? This is crazy!!!


I know it sounds funny. Yet what I am going to tell you sounds even funnier: There is a direct connection between the floor plan of your home and office and your body!

When we look at a floor plan, we can see where the rooms are located and what function each room may perform as well as what other activities may go on within it. Is it a bedroom? Storage? Kitchen? Home office? A floor plan and layout also speak volumes regarding the occupant’s chances of success, health, wealth, relationships, family, children, creativity, recognition and spirituality, because the home and the body are connected. In Feng Shui terminology, a floor plan is the holder of the “mystical being”. The mystical being is our inner persona. That is what guides us to select a particular environment to live and work given the course of our life path when we buy, rent or select the particular space even for work outside our homes. Each body part and organ has a direct correspondence or vibrational resonance with an architectural detail, a sector of the space and the crucial systems that bring in electricity, plumbing, sewage, and ventilation. The energetic vibration of these elements corresponds to every atom, particle and molecule of our living system. I will elaborate on this concept on the next entry. Today I want to explain the connection at the practical level.

To begin to grasp the enormity of what I am presenting today, if we were to lay face down with our head at the front door, and then, given the locations of the other spaces, we follow to where our “neck” is laying, where are the “shoulders”, the “legs” and so on; we can identify not only parts of our bodies that may be sensitive, but also aspects of our lives. For example, if the neck is laying in a very narrow and shortened entry hall with the body abruptly going up the stair case, it leaves arms and shoulders down below as the chest angles upward. Given this scenario, in life we may exhibit difficulties getting cooperation to move our projects forward, our intimate relationships maybe difficult and we may have digestive issues such as reflux. This is because the head, the neck and the shoulders energetically resonate with our ability to attract benefactors and to help others. It resonates with our ability to comprehend information as well. Thus we may have difficulties grasping ideas, and carry them out or enable us to properly plan our projects and research necessary information. These parts of our anatomy also “speak” of obtaining support from business, banking, managing banking investments and dealing with authorities in general. Specifically to the body, if this area were constricted, cluttered or unkempt, a dweller may also suffer constant headaches, exhibit neurosis and skin problems, lung and large intestine conditions, and/or stomach ailments in general. It should be noted that not everybody will exhibit the same symptoms or problems in a family dwelling or an office setting. But it will affect those with a weaker vibrational field. Stress, illness and other factors affect the degree to which an individual resonates with the difficult space design. In short, analyzing a space and observing how energy flows around the dwelling, into it and throughout the interior can tell a lot about how our lives are flowing. When the design problems are identified and correlated with life situations or health conditions, we are able to address each of them either separately or concurrently with the ultimate goal of learning our life lessons and moving on to the next stage of our human path in this lifetime. The space you picked, yes, you did, offers you pearls of wisdom about yourself. Embrace its message!!!

More in a few days…But if in a hurry, go to or leave message or comment here.Floor Plan-Body Connection


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