“Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.”

This amazing quote by Satchel Paige was sent to me this morning by Dale Donelly, one of my http://www.blitztime.com meditators. 

We were discussing having a “hard time focusing on expanding an area(my term for goals)  of my life” I answered that sometimes you just have to breathe, sit, and receive. I posit that there is time for outputting and a time for inputting, then I reflected about Right Effort, one of the eight paths to awareness according to Buddhism. 

 Interestingly enough, Right Effort is part of Meditation; in itself also one of the practices on the same path. It is so, because meditation is not passive but dynamic. Right Effort actually means spiritual effort, for as we work to elevate ourselves and develop more wholesome mind- body states we learn to go deeper and live more fully. It is precisely through this effort that we open and awake our hearts, minds, body and soul. Right Effort means sincere effort to examine our lives and work at cultivating ourselves. Practicing  introspection, prayer and contemplation-the mindfulness and awareness practices, we can take advantage of the timeless, tried and true, effective inner science of transformation. Lama Surya Das writes that this is how Bodhisattvas (enlightened beings) do their productive Dharma farming (enlighten others on the path), thus “bringing forth the beautiful flowers for the entire world to enjoy”! 

What exactly is Right Effort on the spiritual path? Perseverance, diligence, self-discipline, courage, and yes, PATIENCE! Like in the Thomas Troward discussion, we implied that what is easy for some of us, is arduous for others. Our habitual conditioning, our histories, our points of reference moves us into the various spiritual paths. Moreover, we tend to go with the known–the habitual, whether good or bad for us and others. It takes effort to change our habitual patterns of thinking and behavior, but it takes courage to examine these same thoughts and behaviors.  

 Have a courageous day everyone and …sometimes just sits!!!     












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