A TUT Message

“Most people will find the following very hard to believe, but, there is nothing, ever, worth being unhappy about.

Because no matter what happens, it will add to you, you’ll still live forever, and our love affair will remain tabloid fodder in realms far, far away.

Thank you,

Earth Rocks

The Universe””

A good friend of mine sent me the original subscription link to Mike Dooley’s TUT daily quotes. www.tut.com a long time ago, and sometimes I read them and say, thank you, and other times–today being one of those times, I say yeah! Powerful thought, indeed, THANK YOU!

Upon waking and after my ahhhs, I reflected on my work and career. I wanted to revisit my work habits and the various kinds of work I am attracting and not attracting.  I had considered starting the day by doing some deep, deep office cleaning although I was not necessarily looking forward to dusting and vacuuming, and deciding what to discard and what to keep. I selected meditating on Living Up to Death.

Living Up to Death is a Buddhist meditation where you practice total letting go at all levels until emptiness shines through your Buddha core- the vajra body and you are timeless, deathless, open and  yet complete. Happiness arrives and settles in and there is nothing but joy throughout. Leaving the cushion I knew I had to clean and clear old stuff, including some hardy cobwebs settled in the corners. Then…I stumbled upon the quote as I turned my laptop on.

I did not want to leave the nirvanic state I was in, yet in wanting to stay there it put me back on attachment, craving…The opposite of death! Yet living in joy and happiness brings nirvanic peace. Is TUT reminding me that cleaning and dusting and choring are all part of it?

“The Universe” reminded me of why I was cleaning. Not for now, not for then, not for any reason but to bring about clarity to my present, cleanliness to my thoughts, sparkling wisdom to my mind, and time…time to honor the past, harness the power of the ego and prepare for the future without attachments to the outcome. Cleaning my glasses I can see better, clearer. Cleaning my office now, I can see better, clearer, what comes my way and decide what to keep, what to give away and what to share. Clarity IS happiness. Happiness is in every act I perform with joy and I embrace this happiness now and eternally.

In wanting clarity and deciding to clean I noticed the “note”. Maybe I’ll be reborn in a spotless world!

Have a happy day everyone by loving and enjoying everything you do!


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