Gratitude for Synchronicity

Last night’s class was all about finding out what goals we achieved or not last year and to become more in touch with how and why we created these goals in the first place. We also contemplated those that we did not achieved and looked at what stood in our way. Clearly most of us found that it was us who stood in the way of accomplishing a desired mark. In addition, we discovered that we make resolutions out of habit and in order to create change from a bad state to a better state. Because we start from a place of lack and base our wish to fulfill these goals on events/situations/things and behaviors with which we have no connection, we tend to abandon our desire to fulfill them somewhere between the first 60 to 90 days. When we dug even deeper, we discovered additonal poignant  issues.

1. Making resolutions/goals is a societal habit. “In order to succeed you must have goals”. It is a meme, as Richard Brody-The Virus of the Mind, would say.

2. We see that fulfilling these goals will enable us to get to a better place in life and/or business. This implies that we are lacking something now.

3. The fulfillment of these resolutions reside outside of ourselves. This is an incorrect perception of reality as we cannot get what we don’t already have.

4. Inwardly, we don’t really believe we can achieve our resolutions and eventually we abandon them with a smirk. Once more we have proven to ourselves that we cannot change jobs, loose weight, make more money, find new love, etc.

5. This fear keeps us from committing to change because the self-discipline required for self-study is actually hard work and it involves a deeper fear of failure in the face of what we do not yet know.

6. Focusing solely on our needs and desires create distance from others and our environment. This self-cherishing objectifies our life and it is based on ego driven premises.

7. A very important ingredient in the equation is the cultivation of self-discipline. After we read all the good books and practiced for 90 days, we are on our own. In other words, we lack the necessary support while we are carrying out the new thoughts that energize our new behaviors to attract what we desire. 

8. Meditation, as the center piece of our lives is a training mechanism for alertness, discernment, focus and discipline. It  leads into identifying and transmuting negative habitual thinking and behavior. Meditation and self-discipline provide a solid base from where to craft goals that reside within and are fueled by a desire to create on a regular basis. These creations are born out of a state of joy and fueled by the enthusiasm to enter new an as yet unknown states of joy. Our creations have meaning because in the process of creating we discover our connection to Source, God, the All, the Sage-in-Our-Presence.

9. Alignment with Source/God allows for the creation of new habits borne out of practicing compassion toward ourselves and others, ethical thinking and ethical behavior, self-reliance  and the end of dualism.

A final significant discovery was that in tracing those landmarks that we were successful in achieving we uncovered the synchronicities that otherwise we would have missed. Ahhhh…True alignment with God! Interestingly, the same synchronicities were evident in the glaring signs directing us to move away from that resolution when we looked back on those goals we did not achieve! Michael Losier would say…RESET THE BUTTON!

I am ever so grateful for the synchronicities!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude for Synchronicity

  1. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

    1. Thank you,Magali.
      Your comment caused me to re-read what I wrote long ago and it still serves me well. As I move from a 26 year career and into the unknown, I am confident that what I may leave behind is good, wholesome, creative and joyous. My next “goal” is exciting, provoking and when I practice the craftI I am moving into, it creates explosions of happiness, riots of enthusasm, smiles, love. I am moving into that flow because I am grateful for what I already have and open to what may show up on the way to my next station. The ride is the key. Luck is totally on my side!

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