driving 10,000 miles and coming back new

I’m in the middle of editing a book my husband and I are working on,  based on our roadtrip to Central America . Editing… why art thou so painful? Well, it turns out the pain was only in my head (maybe why I’ve had a migraine since coming back from the trip- yes, a year and  half ago!)

Maybe I just now feel ready to tell the story. Don’t get me wrong, I love to talk about our crazy family trip and how it changed us, but there is something very bold and transparent when we PUT the work out for the public to see, read, analyze, love, hate, take it, leave it. When people engage and ask more, it’s easy to pour out the insights, the process, and who we are today because of this two month journey. And when I can see in their faces that they are done, then that’s my cue to change the subject. Easy in person because it feels in my control, but scary in print because I write it and send it off to their respectives homes. My baby is out of my hands!

And just like some babies, some families love them, nurture them, and allow them to be their teachers, while others neglect, abuse, criticise, and in the print case, burn or chuck the thing. So, who’s worried about all this?? From meditation class last night, all would agree it is my ego. My little (big, actually, she does not like to be called little- she’s very particular, and we like to befriend her around here, or she throws some severe temper tantrums) … anyway, my friend, Ego.

I watched No Impact Man (check it here to view the 90 minute film, http://www.novamov.com/video/ywq3yxxh4nrz7) last night after meditation class. After all that talk about ego, I could just see how this guy was, yes, doing something very meaningful, but oh, boy was his ego having a field day. And then, as I would recall my dialogue with Glen (my husband) in our car headed to Central America, my feelings of my personal impact on this world began to surface.

This man transformed his life for one year to basically have ZERO impact in the environment, and he went from TV show to TV show promoting this project, and as it continued, it was as if his ego vanished. As if it took doing the work, and living the work to bring the ego to silence. Ego to silence– man, that’s powerful.

We can all do more and we know it, and sometimes it takes someone this brave to remind us of what is possible. No need to feel threatened, baby steps are ok. We still have our two SUVs (because we believe in keeping the cars as long as they can move. Don’t get me wrong new car smell is the best (especially a Prius! but I opt to use, re-use, resuscitate, reincarnate, and well, we are very friendly with our mechanic. Shout out to Joe! ). Either way we are taking baby steps… but is that enough?

Is it enough to take baby steps or is it time for a revolutionary change to my lifestyle. Maybe, maybe it is a process that has to brew and stew like the release of my book. percolating within me until the inside is ready for the outside.

As many teachers say, the outside reality is only possible because it exists within us. Thanks for reminding us of this last night Lidia. 🙂

Amazing that I have to travel to far away lands (ok, Central America is not FAR AWAY lands, but India was!) to see how much I care about my home and how I affect it.

May you percolate the idea of No-Impact (or at least a little lower than usual).



p.s. our next Sustainability inspirations: http://www.auroville.org/ and of course, Glen has this idea that we are moving to Harvard, MA and building a few yurts- oh, boy, camping for two years. (That’s right, I told him, I’ll do it for two years and then we are building a normal house). I hope our clients don’t run away from us when they see how crazy we really are!


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