En Vogue: Free your mind and the rest will follow

Remember that song? That 80’s song about prejudice. Well, it’s been on my mind. Only not because of race but because of the thoughts that I shy away from. Isn’t that what prejudice is- we don’t understand, so we avoid or attack? Well, I may have bought into a slew of thoughts that are not really jiving with my true nature. And why is it that we have to constantly be reminded of our amazing existence and the incredible possibilities in the Universe?

My friend, Karen Curry, wrote a book about this very topic, Inside The Body of God– she talks about how we are a cell within the body of the Almighty (if you believe in that sort of thing). I think you can insert whatever word you want for God, but the point is that if we are a mirror representation of the Divine, we have any and all possibilities to be God right here, right now. With all due respect to those who think this is my super ego going wild, I do mean this in the most humble way. If I am a holographic representation of the Divine (Karen’s words), then in fact, I am capable of anything that is in my divine path.

It is all about us claiming this, reclaiming this really. It is our divine birth right to exercise this truth, and somehow we totally forget.

We talked again about goal setting in meditation class, and I found myself rather confused as to what I believe anymore. I kinda like my theme of the year approach, and then allow for things to organically appear in my life, but I also find myself not willing to surrender quite this passionately when it comes to my business. What if my business is also a holographic representation of the divine, because it is a creation by my husband and I. What if my corporate-like attempts to set goals, track them, measure them, and implement strategies,  is the same road I used to travel where I allowed a company to dictate how many hours I worked or how many weeks I could vacation.

What if the control that I have over my company is really another illusion and story I tell myself of how a business should operate? What if in fact, my business can be as flowing and happy as I am (OK, I’m not that happy, but I should be- I have a very free life because one day I woke up and said I had enough– I had enough of being miserable.) And today I ride the unpredictable waves of self employment, and yet passion surges through my veins every minute- cool ride, huh?  I love what I do, I love what I am creating, but what if my business wants the kind of freedom I have. Hmm. Business having an energy of its own, business having a mission of its own, having a life form of its own.

So, I am wondering, is having a theme for 2010 for my business enough? Processing….

So, as Lidia suggested, I will go now and doodle to… free my mind.


Asha (the pondering woman)


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