Ode to the Beggar

I have had such a confusing path with my views of abundance, opulence, and poverty. As I traveled through Central America, I thought I had my answer: I will not fish for them, I will teach them to fish.  Now, I’ve been back to the U.S. for a year and a half and then traveled to India with my family , where my heart just melted and sunk into total compassion for humanity. After India, I give. I give to every beggar I come into contact with. I prefer to give food, but if I don’t have that, I give money. I just give now. Give.

I recently wrote a piece of my blog, Asha Stories called Anatomy of a Lotus, where I compared the mucky root system and  the beautiful flower to our own existence as human beings; we got our muck and our beauty and it is all a part of the divine whole of who we are. So, I’ve started relating this acceptance of the whole to everything… ok, I’m just starting to try this on…

And so I give thanks to the beggars that have come into my life, in one form or another because they have gifted me with this journey of abundance. We each have a purpose in this tapestry of life, we play roles for each other, and today I am grateful for the role their souls have chosen to play. Because let’s face it, I’m not the only one charged by their white bucket and predictable sign reading “Family Man, out of work, need help”.  I have seen the same guys and gals in the streets of Cambridge for the past 10 years. I know that their situation is not quite as temporary as their signs suggest, but boy do they make me question giving, receiving, and my choice of the role I play.

The Role of the Beggar- a divine aspect of creation.


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