It Is All Spirit-U-All Work.

If there is light in the soul…It was the first sentence I saw projected on a large screen as I sat in my first class to formally learn about Feng Shui, some 16 years ago. I can’t pretend that I understood it then, or that I really fully understand it now, but increasingly I catch glimpses…I feel it and see it. I learned to open and be grateful for the glimpses. I learned to accept the unseen and trust that it is there, always at the ready.

The soul…I had to work harder to catch even the tiniest glimpses of soul. I contemplated, I asked. Nobody in my circle of earthly teachers answered. They said, “don’t get attached to it”. I was unclear what it was. Whatever it was, it appeared that it was something I had to see or feel but could not touch so I would not get attached. Hard not to get attached when the next sentence said that if there is light in the soul, “there will be beauty in the person“. I wanted to be beautiful! Now I had to figure out what beauty was…Aye!  I had to learn about Spirit

Time passed, who knows how long. I learned to see light, and to wish light onto someone or something when I created interiors, art, or while teaching. I witnessed the effects on people and things. I noticed that the light I helped to project ignited what was already there, but mostly deeply buried in someone’s heart, covered up by old ideas and tired beliefs that I, or they could not readily shed. I learned that this was the soul’s work and that is how beauty (light) eventually shines in the person. Soul’s work I learned, was doing work for Spirit. Soul was the link, but Spirit-u-al work is where the learning begins and ends. All of it unseen. Then I discover Beliefs, and while pondering beliefs, I peered deeply into the source of beliefs: the mind. Can’t I just work on spirit and I will be beautiful?

 Well…no. This was my first clue that things were connected; that there were no steps. Now I work on spirit, and then I work on beliefs, and then the mind, and then…You get it, I hope. Life is a web. No mater where we start and to what we connect, it leads to other connections, other webs. So, I noticed that my mind beckoned me to find a direction for my web explorations. I wanted a purpose for being. As if it weren’t enough just being! You know the story of the blind sea turtle lucky to find the tiny yoke hole bobbing in the ocean when she comes up for breath once every hundred years? I’ll tell you about it another time. But I am sure you experienced this. Lots of work!

More time passed, much meditation, endless contemplations, many treasured learnings and enlightened teachers (my clients, my students, my family, my friends, those who I actually tapped for learning). I learned that my purpose is to grow. That’s it! I either grow or die. Growing meant that I needed to experience physical, mental, emotional and yes, spiritual growth with all its accompanying natural cycles and integrate it all to find the light in my soul.

Physical growth and change are easy to observe and direct because it has a visible and touchable form. By looking at a mirror, we can decide to feed our bodies certain foods and keep it more or less limber through certain activity.  It is all quite visual and yes, we can try to become attached to it and make it more beautiful. But it won’t last. Just pay attention to cycles. We do die physically, don’t we? But it appears easy to do. Notice all the money we pour into the latest diet or exercise program?

The other stuff affects us deeply, but it is more difficult to observe and thus to exert control over it’s growth pattern, because, yes, you got it: it is unseen. We cannot touch our mind, or our feelings, or our emotions, just like we cannot touch our spirit, or…can we?

We now know that all this unseen components are connected. The mind and the body are connected and there are many levels of mind. We have learned that the mind is not housed in the brain, and that it is connected to all; including the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions and the spirit. We know that we co-habitate this world with a part of our personality called ego and this part requires much training for us to control to manage the other components of our being. We also know that all form or matter is just energy constantly moving and changing. We call it vibration. I call it light quotient.

As we allow ego to get us caught in the web of life, while learning to manage our mental states; our spirit is the part of our personality that yearns to rise above it. Our spirit has a high light quotient. When we discover it, we learn to travel the web and not get caught, because we do rise slightly above it, just gingerly touching it, like gliding and able to stop here and there to enjoy different views. We can move on when we are done, to another thread. Our spiritual life is the part of our personality that yearns to connect to it’s source: Spirit. Thus it’s name. Our spiritual growth cycle is one of finding the unity we know we’ve experienced before but are not sure how to get back to.

Desire in the world of form is oh, so tantalizing. We get easily caught up in the web.  They become cravings. The yearning for more is always there, it creates conflict. Yet there is a subtleness to the craving, but we don’t recognize its true nature. The craving maybe a desire. It depends on its light quotient. When we discover that the job entails to bring the vibration of form into resonance with Spirit, and that this is our only job; we end dualism. We are whole and complete. We are now eager to direct our mental and emotional growth and align it with Spirit. We can easily harness the power of ego to manifest Light. We can create freely, because we walk in balance, free of attachments, cravings and aversions. This light quotient is called Love. We can heal ourselves. Yes, there is beauty in the person.

When our body becomes a channel for Light/Love on the physical plane, we are able to express our aspirations; our highest purpose here and now. This light shows easily through our creations, actions, words and thoughts. The desire to bring our aspirations into form, or the deep wish to find “our purpose” and fulfill it, is no more than our unconscious desire to connect with the Divine of which we are a part. Much of the work in this lifetime is to understand that unity occurs when we walk the path of neutrality and balance; when we truly understand that opposites—rights and wrongs, winning and loosing, fear and courage, etc, while appearing to be discordant are, like Naisha Ahsian says, but two octaves of the same frequency.

Thus, all our earthly experiences are guided by the frequencies or vibrations of what we generate in order to explore and learn these two octaves. We create art, relationships, things, gardens, thoughts, behaviors, to gather information. We ponder and eventually understand it by constantly reaching out to Source through meditation and dreams. These activities allow for reflection and increasing knowledge of the interconnected workings of our mind-conscious and unconscious and the soul; the link, the yellow brick road to Spirit. This is the workshop were we decide to create and dis-create. This is where we refine our education. This is the place we go to see and feel that when there is beauty in the person,   ” there will be harmony in the house”. In this house, we are never alone. In this place we are open and alert and follow our deepest dreams because they are made of Divine Light. Here we learn that desires are light signals on the path to wholeness, and that following these dreams with an open and pure heart, or doing what we love in small ways every day we become joyous. Joy is the maximum light quotient. Now we glide the web, now we stop and gingerly ponder, slightly above it. Now we see divinity everywhere. We move gracefully, and we become grateful for the wellspring of healing and abundant energy/light that is our world, the universe. We now truly understand the gifts we constantly receive no mater what they look like, an illness or a month in heavenly Bali, and we are immensely grateful. We feel unconditional love and radiate it. This is now the ultimate light quotient. We are light workers and it is incumbent upon us to do it all, starting with ourselves—there is light in the soul, beauty in the person and harmony in the house. And when we feel LOVE, we exude love. When we know we are abundant, we made others abundant. When we are healed, we heal whatever we touch. Now “there will be order in the nation” .

As we feel the aliveness and the sacredness of all, including our humanity expressed in joy and gratitude, we are finally whole because we are reconnected with Divine Source. We give and receive in a constant and never ending flow of light. It is the end of duality, the triumph of love and what we have been yearning for all along. Let us be grateful for all we think, whom we meet, what we experience and create. It is all part of our purpose to learn, grow and evolve. Share this joy and gratefulness with as many sentient beings as you can at every moment and raise our human experiences to a new level of understanding: Beauty is pure love. Now, like the ancient Chinese proverb says, there is order in the nation and “there will be peace in the world”. It is all spirit-u-all work!

If there is light in the soul,

There will be beauty in the person.

If there is beauty in the person,

There will be harmony in the house.

If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation.

If there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.


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