Ton of bricks

As usual, I am going along happily, and towards the end of meditation class Lidia throws my weekly ton of bricks… as I am leaving no less!

The theme for class was, “Excuses Begone” by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I don’t think that I have this bit mastered, but I have made some pretty tough choices in life and made a conscious decision to live a life of passion and let go of what did not fit me. I left a lucrative corporate career, and now live in a space of authenticity. Do I make excuses and allow my “stuff” to get in the way, absolutely, but for big things in life, I’m all set– pretty clear.

As I am pumping my spiritual chest and visualizing myself patting myself on the back, this little comment halted me to a stop…. unfulfilled wishes are your handicaps.

Oh, yeah, guilty as charge. I completely obsess over what I have not accomplished or how it does not match my expectations of the goals I had set for myself. Going to jail for this one- lifetime without parole.

And yet, I was totally liberated by this statement. As if in that moment my soul said, Pay attention, girl, this one is for you. Indeed it was. I have to say, it has been less than a week since I have been obsessing (not just thinking, mind you) about this little statement, and something about the awareness of this set me free.

I got that I am planting seeds, and seeds take a while to germinate, sprout, and the plant then grows, and grows, flowers, fruit, well, you get it. There is a cycle, it does take… time, and yet how we water or feed the seeds is key. I can water with impatience or trust, I can fertilize with doubt or clarity. I have a choice, and I can open myself up to whatever the cycle of this planting takes me, knowing that the surprise is always good because of the intention and what I have been feeding the seeds (and myself too, to boot!)

Life is a cycle, and so are our manifestations. Sit back & enjoy the show, where you get to be a character.



p.s. and as a confirmation, I received a newsletter that talked just about that from Fabienne Fredrickson, check her.

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