Do I change or does life change me?

Change or Life will change you. When you deny your soul’s calling to change, it (your soul) makes the executive decision to change you.

My best friend got ovarian cancer when she was in her 20s. It was not easy, as you can imagine, and she and her family suffered deeply because of it. She is now cancer free 10+years — shout out to her! Once I asked her what her cancer brought her and she said, “It brought me to have a spiritual life”. Not only that, it also forced her out of an ivy-league rat race that did not jive with who she wanted to be in the world.

We’ve heard so many people losing their jobs, and having them say years later that it was the best thing that ever  happened. But, as I heard my dear friend say last night, “Change is not easy”. So, I got to thinking (yep, me thinking, surprise!)… we resist change because of fear of the unknown, ok, I get that. But why? Why do we live in this place of mistrust. We don’t trust the future, we don’t trust our decision, we don’t trust uncertainty, we don’t trust other people (we’ll talk about this one another time), we just don’t trust. Until, we are forced to trust.

Or even better, when we choose to trust.

Is there something you have been wanting to do for years but feel like you don’t have the money, the time, or the confidence to do it? Act like Trust is your friend. Go for it, and let me know what happens!

Asha Ramakrishna is  a writer, business woman, wife & Mommy. Connect with her on Facebook, under Asha Stories

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