Inspired by Meditation: Three Stage Meditation and Ahhhs!

Yesterday I posted on fb that I was enjoying the sunshine and felt brilliant. A friend was touched by the remark and added “beautiful” to it. Today I feel brilliant and beautiful for no reason. Meditation may be the key. I am inspired by meditation everyday 🙂 because it helps me in many ways. As it is what I do at the start of everyday and a bit as I turn into slumber, it creates a framework for my life. Meditation is also what I put inside the frame at every moment. It lends brilliance to what I do, think, believe and say…and I wish brilliant days for all!

Meditation training is a crucial step on the Buddhist eight-fold path to enlightenment. It  is the Buddha’s legacy intended to practice the mental discipline leading to wisdom. Practicing Samadhi, the Sanskrit word for meditation, enables us to cultivate presence, attention, focus and awareness. With regular practice, we notice that meditation is a dynamic process geared to develop more wholesome mind states. We learn to contemplate, step back and examine dispassionately. While looking deeper inward and live more fully inwardly and upwardly, we awaken our heart, mind, body and soul, said Lama Surya Das. We learn to accept others and ourselves. We see our luminous nature and discover hope and joy. Surya Das calls meditation, ” the timeless, tried and true, effective inner science of spiritual awakening and transformation.”

I invite you to try it. Take 18 and a half minutes out of your life and practice with me now. Do it for the next month and see if it does not change your outlook, your daily living. One of my students is a formerly type A, now a calm and cool stockbroker. She has been meditating with me for 8 months. She tells me that they have been asking her at the office what medication was she on!

So, I invite you to go to, practice with me for a few days and then tell others “what you are on” that makes you so brilliant!

Have an awesome day!


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