“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

I am not surprised that the talented artist who coined the famous “15 minutes of fame” phrase, Andy Warhol also said this. Most people who view art works don’t often associate the artists, and especially visual artists with profound and mind altering concepts. Song writers seem to more easily capture our minds with profound lines that we easily incorporate to our vocabulary. Yet, if visual artists did not think deeply (I daresay, meditate)–whether thinking was done visually or via writings or spoken words, how else would they be able to change the world with their art? I am not talking only about changing the visual world. Like Kandinsky and O’Keefe, Andy Warhol was multi-talented and tested his talents in many arenas. In all he dabbled, he displayed passion, enthusiasm and talent. In all these endeavors, he knew in his heart that he was changing the world. When you are involved in the act of creating something, you feel that second chakra buzzing with special energy. It is the same chakra we use to channel sexual energy. Yet, when we only use it to channel sexual energy, we miss a powerful transformational tool.
I find it interesting to note how many colleagues in the art world become known for their excesses as well as their creative genius. A unleashed and uncontrolled second chakra’s energy is so powerful that the mind-body becomes unable to harness its power, thus allowing  for the  excessive and sometimes bizarre behaviors seen in the personalities parading through the media outlets. The need to create is indeed powerful!
Today a volcano erupted in Iceland and its powerful energy stopped the world in its tracks. Is it the earth’s second chakra :)? I could not help but feel that the universe is beckoning us to stop and check in and manage our impulses, our egos. Tibet just experienced a powerful earthquake and Haiti had a mammoth tremor not too long ago. Creation? Destruction? Change indeed!
My wonderful 9-star ki buddy, Wayne Weber wrote on his website (www.9starki.com) that this year, a major ongoing theme is the potent, though somewhat antagonistic combination of the annual ki  (or chi) of 8 Soil- revolution, lasting change, and the ki of the 9-Year cycle, 3 Tree- rising energy, new beginnings. This marriage of “the new” and of “change” strongly supports new global directions; which could be positive or negative.  Revolution and rapid growth. Wisdom and unleashed growth?
So, what or who changes things? May we need to look at our second chakra’s energy and harness its incredible power so that the earth will in turn respond with support instead of destruction? I beckon everyone to examine how you use your creativity and contemplate how you may use it to manifest greatness or not. If we wait for “time” to change things, we have no control. What do you think?






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