Pain Through the Eyes of a Girl-An Asha Story

She came into my life and was in pain. Physical, emotional, and whatever other kind of pain we can experience. We were in a group and you know what they say, Squeaky Wheel. Yes, when you are in pain, you gotta be loud. Really loud.

I saw myself in her, yet there was more and I wasn’t sure what it was. The group asked of her to be in silence, and that her answers would come in that place of true listening. She wasn’t ready to hear that,  and so she left. Never returned. I went deeper to really hear the message she was delivering in her short visit.

I got the visual–see, to better understand the young woman I speak about through one of my husband’s photos. He brought this sad, sad story home for me to be profoundly changed by. These young girls live in the dump in Guatemala. Live. That is their backyard. That is their job. That is their grocery store. That is their Target, BJ and otherwise. This is home and everything in between.

My dialogue with Mother Spirit about all this:

Mother: Asha, do you believe people live like this?

Me: Of course not! It is inhumane.

Mother: What do you think they feel, see  and want when you come into their home?

Me: They want desperately to be taken out of their pain, and they will say or do anything that gets them closer to eradicating the pain.

Mother: Is this person ready to be in silence?

Me: I suppose it must be really painful to try that one. Now I understand why it was natural for her to be offended (referring to the girl in pain). Asking her to be in the quiet of her pain sounds down right terrifying, and bordering on cruelty.

Mother: Can you feel compassion?

Me: I understand.

Mother: She wanted ways out of her pain- so she asked questions.  She was not prepared to work for it because that felt like more pain- so she would talk over you, and her own words. She is attached to the stories that brought the pain-so the pain now has a hold of her.

Like a child, she doesn’t know how to get out. Can you give her smaller bites? Can you show her step by step? Many do. Many try. Many fail. Some can hear the big answer and their hearts open instantaneously, for some,  it takes years or lifetimes.

She is not your responsibility. She was here to teach. What a great Teacher she is. She taught the obvious of the mirror exercise, and she teaches the esoteric Truths that go beyond her, you, and your circle. Thank her for her Teaching. Release her from your responsibility. And embrace the next girl in pain, with an open heart.

You will know what to do. Listen.

See Asha Ramakrishna’s complete post in


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