Challenge to All Who Want a Better World: Become the Change You Want to See!

Try this for a week:

In any interaction you are involved with, do not be the first to speak. Be present, fully present with an open heart/mind to welcome the other into your vibrational circle. Be responsive, not reactive. Put all your energy in been fully present to what this other brings. It is even more fun within a group, like in a business meeting. Enjoy the process & with the same presence, decide when to reply & what is good to say—if necessary. Most people need you to hear them. Welcome this opportunity to practice some good Bodhisattva skills. Note a couple of times a day how you are feeling and what you are thinking. Pay attention to our usual “wanting to share my story”.

I know it may feel weird, contrived at first, but you are planting good seeds,crowding the seeds of anger, despair, isolation and sorrow–quite prevalent everywhere we look! You are becoming stronger and I PROMISE…you will feel good as soon as you notice how much love you feel inside, mostly toward yourself. You notice how easy it is to serve by this simple act of giving from the heart.Your vibrational field will positively change. Who knows, you may notice birds and butterflies being attracted to you. Simply reply Thank You!

Let us know how it goes 🙂


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