It May Look the Same, Yet I Am Born Anew At Every Moment

My friend Isabelle tells me that she likes that I am always reinventing myself. I tell her that I like to remove the re. I like to be born everyday anew. I am happy to see how high I can reach today. It may look like reinventing. It is rather a wilingness to move beyond what is possible even if I have no idea what that is at the moment. I try to in-vent. It may take me sometime. It may look to others that I am trying the same thing over again, or that I am thinking the same as I did in the past. My circle of family and friends may see from their perspective that I look the same, I sound the same… Yet I know that what is new is deep within. Changes that occur deep within take time to see the light of day. I have my whole life to try, or at least this whole moment in time. But the Light is bright. Patience is a virtue, taught the Buddha. I am patient. As a newborn, it like taking baby steps. It always works. It looks like I am reborn, but I am actually born anew ! Try it…You may like it.


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