What Where They Thinking? Radio Station Promotes Fundraising & Headlines With Local Pessimism on the Future ???

This morning after my daily meditation I intended to write a post about honoring your dreams and finding small ways to manifesting them, until I turned on the local NPR station to catch the weather forecast…The first segment had a lively preview about interviews with fabulous women with today’s focus on Cindy Lauper. It was so much fun to hear a snippet of her new recording! Then, Bob Oakes, the host, encouraged us to match the amazing amount of money pledged on the off-air fundraiser. I was so excited and so ready to pledge, then he announced the next two top stories and my buoyant mood was severely threatened. In one sentence, Bob told us that a recent statewide poll clearly demonstrated that in this state we are very down on the economic outlook, doubted our personal prospects for success and expressed certainty that our children will not fare well in the future. Oh, yes, there was another story. There was a nice increase in sold properties.

ImageWhat were they thinking? I struggled to remember that Bob Oakes was only reading the news, but since his deep and often convincing voice was the only one I heard, I felt very sad. I found myself questioning his lack of discernment. Why did he not choose the story about houses sold to lead and then, if he needed to, report on the downer poll?  I also wondered how many of us felt as I did and if the pledges did not decrease following the segment.

Last night during our meditation & spirituality class, we touched upon complaining, either aloud or in our heads. We agreed that complaining has no real purpose and it incites ego-driven actions. One of the members spoke about “letting it out” in her own home to release energy as a positive action. She felt better and did not hurt anyone. Really?

Another member reminded us to be aware of what we are letting out in order to feel better. Our thoughts are real forces. They carry lots of energy. She asked what kinds of “seeds” we are planting, not only within our environments but outside in the world? Did she say…outside the safety of our homes? Indeed.

Those seeds-thoughts and words that are planted in our homes bear fruit in our furniture and accessories. They latch onto the dust, ride on the air we breathe, nest in our clothes, settle in our aura and take root in our psyche. We are thinking machines; we have about 60,000 thoughts a day. Most of the thoughts tend to be self-referenced yet random and porous. Unless we become aware of our thoughts and consciously filter the thoughts of the other trillions of people on the planet, we include these in our psyche, our aura, our clothes, our breath and bring them home to our dust, accessories, furniture, walls and windows.  We grow beliefs and vibrate with them. We attract others like ourselves. We affect others and our behavior is affected by our vibrational field.

This morning I became aware of what I was thinking and how quickly Bob Oakes words affected my thoughts, my feelings and therefore my actions. I did not pledge. I also became keenly aware of my complaining thoughts. I accepted that I was complaining and pondered about what within me was awakened by the radio stories. I will discuss that part of my internal search on another entry. Today I was certain that I had to find ways of transforming the negative seeds I was about to plant in my environment into beautiful blossoms. I know that what I decide to think affects me and those around me.

From gardening, I know that I need to pull the weeds as soon as they appear or they will invade the more beautiful plantings. I could also plant more flowers where the weeds were pulled and they would naturally keep the annoying ones from coming up. I acted as a gardener and first I shut off the “water”; I turned off the radio. Then I focused back on what I first heard; the story on Cindy Lauper. Pretty soon, her song buzzed in my head. I could sing all the words. Then I remembered that many more houses had been sold this past month and what a good thing it was for my business–I said that most of our thoughts tend to be self-referenced.  I could reach out to those new homeowners to help them clear the former owner’s energy, arrange their environment to facilitate growth and harmony and I could even sell them door protectors! Next was transforming my complaining to positive action.

Offering my experience as a learning tool for others seemed to fit the bill. I am grateful that through writing this piece, I transformed my complaining voice in the head. I accepted that I did not know why the radio station chose what they did, but that in general, I am enriched by the programming they offer. I made a pledge. I also patted myself on the back for having had the presence to turn off the sound when I did and for taking charge of my thinking. I have the power to insert a new thought at any time. I am not my thoughts and I decide what to think as long as I practice being present as much as possible.

Finally, I know that I create my reality by my thinking and my beliefs. I present to you a commissioned painting I did several years ago in where I entice the viewer to question what they see and think about what they see. Is it a picture of a sunrise? Could it be a fiery sunset as I witnessed this past summer on Block Island? Is it possibly a raging forest fire? Can it be a beautiful afternoon becoming cloudy and ominous on a late summer day? Maybe it is a gorgeous Fall Foliage day in New Hampshire? Or is it a self-healing piece about complaining and transforming thoughts? You decide. You are in charge of your own thoughts!

You can name the painting. Have a great day!!!


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