Vision Boards, Visualizations and the Here and Now

What an awesome picture! I am looking at a painting of a beautiful porch overlooking a pristine lake. By the angle of the sun and the type of light it casts on the scene, I can tell it is an early summer morning. It could be anywhere in the world. It is timeless. It is placeless.


The white Victorian wicker furniture is well-worn and graceful. The chair cushions are softly rounded and invitingly cozy. Lush greenery abounds. Cascading geraniums burst from the hanging baskets. Trailing flowers wrap themselves on the columns. The water is brightly lit and serene. Blue-gray mountains majestically preside in the distance.  In front of the railing, a tall table sets the tone, sporting a basket of mouth-watering breakfast pastries bursting with color.  A glass of orange juice sits expectantly next to a muffin on small plate. A bird house and a potted plant keep the sun from warming the cool drink. Fresh fruits are scattered next to a colorful teapot, two dainty tea cups and an elaborate pitcher. All are set on a low center table. Food and drinks are kept ready by the fiery kiss of the morning light. It is the start of a new day for the occupants of this fabulous place. My eyes scan the scene and I see little things I never before noticed. There is a narrow thin metal strip nailed to the floor depicting alert maintenance. Care is made obvious by the fresh paint on the wood and wicker. The center table is an elaborately forged metal table, updated and well maintained by a white coat of paint. There are yellow blossoms and orange ones and pinks, purples and reds ones. There are hundreds of shades of green. Oh, the peace and the aliveness expectancy of a new day! Fittingly I am having my first morning cup of tea.


This picture has been in my bedroom for over 10 years, yet I am seeing it for the first time…now…in the present. No stories, no visualizations, just what is.


As a good Feng Shui expert, I placed this picture across my bed so I would look at a beautiful scene when I first awoke and went to sleep. Dear Professor Lin Yun taught us the importance of first impressions, especially upon waking and to close the day, to notice the blessings surrounding us. I picked this print and lovingly selected the perfect complementing frame. Over the years it has served as my “vision board”. I imagined myself magically transported there, drinking the juice, flavoring the round coconut pastry, sipping the tea. At times I was in the south of France and other times I was in Savannah. I made it a retreat I owned for my spiritual gatherings in Tuscany. I looked at it as the view from my art studio. I pictured myself towelling from a morning dip and feeling abundant, joyous and surely successful. It was always in the future… until today!


As I opened my eyes after this morning’s meditation I felt the sun rays shining directly on the picture and today I looked at it anew. I was here in my bedroom. No stories, no visualizations, no chanting. This morning as I looked at the scene depicted, I felt joyous. I was just looking at a sunshiny morning. I saw peace. I felt the welcoming juice and the warmth of the tea and the softness of the cushions. I noticed more things. I saw new lines on the furniture. I observed the way the sun touched the prints on the pillows, and the skilled and detailed way in which the artist depicted comfort, fluidity yet solidity; flow and groundedness; abundance and classic restraint. I sensed peace and the calmness of being here and in this moment. My body filled with tingling sensations, I felt grateful that I can see this beautiful picture and discover newness every time I see it from the comfort of my beautiful bed. There was background happiness surrounding me as I noticed the beauty of my comforter and the softness and richness of my silky pillows. I experienced the wonderment of the still green landscape outside my window and felt the sun warming my body just like the one in the picture. As I got up and showered and wrapped myself on the thick towel I felt the goodness of the here and now.  I felt abundant, joyous and surely successful!

Oh, the peace and the aliveness expectancy of a new day! Fittingly I am having my second morning cup of tea. It is the start of the day for the occupant of my fabulous place. Top of the morning to you…Here and Now!!!



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