On Visualizing, Affirmations and Manifesting

The subject of manifesting our dreams always fascinates me, and when I was invited to learn ways to “create empowering affirmations, no more faking it”, I was intrigued. I cannot make the meeting, but this morning I decided to contemplate this issue. How do I create empowering affirmations? How can I visualize my dreams in such powerful ways that I manifest them? I wonder what they meant by “no more faking it”?

I believe we all have dreams that we want to manifest. My coach has a tag line that says “dare to dream”! That is what I like about her philosophy; and what we dream, why we dream and remembering and interpreting our dreams has been the subject of mystics and scientists.  The problem is precisely in our use of what we dream.

When we night-dream we are experiencing situations that we then subject to interpretation when awake; when our rational mind is active. If we remember the dreams, most of us are not controlling them. They just are. When we day-dream, we are consciously desiring to create a reality that is different from the one we are experiencing. While the merits of future- tripping are debatable,  we do like to wish, to play with what-ifs, to grow and like butterflies, transform. That is the natural way. The problem is our frame of reference.

In discussing the properties of a certain crystal, Robert Simmons writes in The Book of Stones that “we are educated to believe that the future will tend to resemble the past. This self-fulfilling prophecy keeps us chained to dreary predictability and kills imagination”. If you doubt this statement just listen to the political banter about “going back to the old values”, and other past-tripping  jargon designed to convince us that our country is on the wrong track. Indeed we are! We cling to the past; to the known and more dangerously, we cling to the romantic remembrance of what the past actually was. We refuse to be in the present moment accepting and loving what is or was, for the learning and growth it afforded us. The Buddhist translation of this is suffering. We suffer, or rather we are unhappy and create suffering by negating the present moment and proceed to visualizing a reality we are not able to see because of our frame of reference. We create a cupful of cravings and our dreams are fake.

In nature and in reality, everything is always moving and changing. That is the constant. Yet, we are too busy holding on. We hold to existing ideas and beliefs, no matter how obsolete they may be. We hold on to people, relationships and jobs that no longer fit. We cling to houses that are too big, too small, or in a certain neighborhood because of how they define us, and so it is with our dreams…We are busy defining exactly what the future ought to be while our frame of reference is the past!

I think that “no more faking it” may mean that I begin to love who I am, what I have, and what I do now, and proceed to use my dreams and visualizations to explore. First I contemplate the seed of my desires and next, engage in playing with possibility from what I know. I start by recalling feelings of joy, of love and enthusiasm in the face of new experiences. I put out my wishes and listen to my heart, and if the “dream” resonates with the feelings, then I dwell and these feelings. Hop on my imaginary bike and pedal to explore and visualize myself feeling more of the feelings of joy, love, openness, daring to feel what I am yet to really know. Now I am  grateful for my present “equipment” and take “trips” just for the enjoyment of the trip and for the opportunity to explore. This is how I can use my good old “frame of reference”.

Our frame of reference, is that new knowledge or ideas are discovered while doing something else. We know from Einstein to John Lennon that the greatest ideas did not materialize while seeking them. They came up in the shower, while putting a child to sleep, while looking at an event that had nothing to do with what they were looking for.

We don’t wait for our dreams to manifest. We expect that they will. It is inevitable. In the mean time, we re fully present. We appreciate that we may not be where we dare to be. We live in the present moment at all times and we are alert and open to what shows up, seize the moment and see the difficult encounters as nuggets of precious learnings. What is in front of us, what we are experiencing is unique to us. With presence and alertness, we can recognize in what we do not like, aspects or traits we have yet to accept and lovingly embrace them. It is not by focusing on the future, but by integrating the learning; the jewels that are present now and allowing these circumstances to dare us to transform that we manifest not only what we dared to dream, but the best possible dream for us.

I dare us to release our grip on being a certain person, or display a certain label to define us. Let us open our hearts and our minds, hop on the imaginary, or maybe the actual bike and pedal. Expect adventures and relish the feelings of discovery. That is how the caterpillar transforms. That is how we manifest our best dreams in the best form in the present we are. We drink from the cupful of the here and now!


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