Relationships Issues Show Up In Our Home! Fix It and Be Happy!

 The ideal love relationships blossom, first and foremost, because each partner loves and appreciates themselves to begin with. Each feels whole and powerful; each feels vibrant, creative and loving toward others. They also value their parents and their relationship and appreciate and love their siblings. They notice love everywhere! They live love and therefore vibrate love. Harmonious couples are easily formed because they are a vibrational match. When you enter their homes, you feel this vibration. The opposite is also true. Disharmonious matches are easily seen everywhere, especially in their homes! The living space is a gauge of people’s ability to attract and/or enhance primary relationships.

The correlation between relationships and the environment in which they unfold is perhaps more easily understood if we take time to understand our relationship blueprint. Once that is accomplished, we can take a look at the home environment’s floor plan and examine how we arranged our personal space. An educated eye will notice this correlation. Making  the necessary adjustments to the environment will enhance our ability to correct  the thinking patterns and outmoded beliefs that fostered unsuccessful connections and will yield more happiness, the possibilities of meeting the perfect love match or enhancing  an existing relationship. This shift will occur not only with mates, but with family as well, no matter how far apart things have become. Best of all, we will all be more loving toward ourselves.

The message is, if you want more love, or a new love; first look within. I intend to examine this premise in four entries. Starting with a pre-Valentine’s gift; our relationship with “others”.

 Exploring Your Relationship Blueprint-Part I

Take out a pad and pen and begin to write any and all issues related to relationships. Explore your relationships with others, and linger on the intimate ones. Are/were these nurturing, loving, and supportive? Are you happy? What kind of partner do you/did you have? What kind of partner do you want? Are you married? Dating? Lonely? How is your sex life?

Focus on your parents. What is/was your relationship with your mother? What was your parents’ relationship like? How do you perceive their marriage? What things are left unresolved? What about past family members? Your grandparents? How do you now perceive their relationship?

 Explore your relationship with your siblings, especially sisters. Any unresolved hurts? Any consistent differences? How do you see relationships in your life? Are other people difficult to deal with? Do you encounter people who are uncaring and bothersome? Do you envy others’ relationships? What are the losses you have experienced in your life? Are you still carrying them?

Have fun, be brave, be honest and be prepared to grow and be happier. Comments of course, are always welcome! Tomorrow’s entry is about our love relationship with ourselves. Until then…


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