Relationship Issues and The Home Floor Plan

Yesterday I suggested that you explore your relationship blueprint based on what you experienced as a relational being throughout your life. Hopefully you were able to discover some areas where your thinking was a bit askew, and decided to continue the growth process by re-designing or even creating a new  blueprint. I said that your home’s layout could be very helpful. In fact, it could be exceptionally helpful. Understanding how to find the area in the home that vibrational matches your present issues is the subject of this entry.

The ancient principles of Feng Shui are best suited to understand vibrational energy in our environment and how this energy interacts with our personal vibrational field. The art and science of Feng shui teaches that we are not separate from anything, least of all the houses we choose to dwell in.

Feng Shui has been used for thousands of years in the Orient to arrange the best spaces for living, working and burial siting. It is now widely used throughout the world and my company uses these principles in all the environments we create, with enormous success. A prominent tool used in applying Feng Shui is the energetic grid called the Bagua. This grid is used as a guideline to study how energy enters a space, how it travels through it and where specific vibrational areas are located that are stand-ins for nine life situations such as relationships, wealth, fame, family, creativity and children, career, benefactors and knowledge and spirituality. The center is where all the areas converge and it provides stability to the structure and its occupants. The center holds the balance and health of the occupants.

The Bagua grid is applied over the floor plan and aligned with the front door like a clock that can be stretched to match your shape-see picture, above. Your front door will always be located at the 7:00 o’clock, 6:00 o’clock or 5:00 o’clock quadrants. The 1:00 o’clock quadrant will always represent relationship energy. The other areas are arranged as drawn on the grid.

When a floor plan is irregular, or L-shape as shown in the picture, we say that it has a missing area or “gua”, its Chinese name. A floor plan missing a gua is lacking the energy represented by that gua. If  in your personal exploration you found out that you had trouble attracting relationships, or keeping them, you may be missing the relationship gua just like the example shown. Your relationship with your mother may be strained, she may have died unhappy or you were crossed with her, and it may be difficult to have a good connection with your sisters. If you are a woman, you may feel unfulfilled, empty and unlovable. If you are a man, you are lacking balanced female energy.  You may not be able to hold on to relationships, and your relationship to women-mother, sister, friend, wife maybe unsatisfactory.

If that gua sticks out of the grid’s foot print, it may create an enhancement for the energy and life situation of that area. If it is in the relationship gua, you are likely to find fulfillment in most of your relationships.  When that enhancement is too large, then the energy is overpowering and it creates imbalances. Then the female has too much power, and men tend to be intimidated by it. If the Benefactors area sticks out, then the men will be too powerful and females will feel unrealized and unable to contribute.

Feng Shui principles correlate with all Asian healing systems. The relationship energy represents the energy of earth and it relates to women, mothers, nurturing, receptiveness, diversity, stability, cooperativeness and marriage, among other things. It also has to do with the abdomen, the stomach, digestive disorders and the upper spine. An imbalance in this area mirrors the same imbalance in the life of the home dweller.  You may be saving yourselves years of psychotherapy by uncovering these connections. It is worth noting that not all the occupants of the home will be experiencing the issues that the house presents to the same degree. Yet when the house is a vibrational match to one or more of the people’s personal energies, the effects are swiftly felt.

The houses that we inhabit do not create these life situations. We gravitate to these structures because of our personal energetic blueprint, or karmic path. Our dwellings simply reflect our vibrational map. When we select where to live, we make a choice that may very well be unconscious, but a choice nonetheless. Knowing how to read the energetic blueprint in our personal spaces allows us to focus on what does not function well in our lives and rejoice where all is well.

In the concluding entry I will be uncovering more of the issues presented by this floor plan and suggesting powerful adjustments to help you heal the imbalances in your life.

For tomorrow, I suggest you create a floor plan of your home and divide the space by superimposing a bagua grid over it, or nine equal areas. You may have a rectangle of a square. Label each nine guas and study what is going on in each of the corresponding areas of your home. You may be quite surprised at the findings!


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