Fixing the Home and Finding Happiness-Part 4 of 4

In my last entry I asked that you place a bagua on the layout of your home and study what you saw and experienced in each gua. Hopefully you found some areas of concern that mirrored your present life circumstances.

For example, you may be feeling more frustrated in your career and seek help in understanding why you are always hitting blocks in your progress with people in general and in finding new love. You may feel confused regarding your life path. Your sexual life is unsatisfactory. Looking at the floor plan shown on yesterday’s chapter you will find that it mirrors these problems. If this was your home, you will always face a split view and a long narrow corridor upon entering this apartment. Because this area holds the energy of career, life path, kidneys, bladder and ears, and sexual energy, a Feng Shui consultant may suggest creating a mural with depth on that long narrow corridor to draw attention away from the corner and expand the view upon entering the space. The expanded view you now face on a daily basis, will encourage you to be less narrow in your thinking and enable you to make more centered decisions. These suggestions are called adjustments or “cures” because they bring the environment into energetic balance with itself. This allows you the opportunity to bring balance into that life situation. Following these energetically based adjustments, you may find that opportunities begin showing up, including attracting possible partners. You experience more clarity about your life purpose and your sex life may improve! You are more likely to “hear” and find the root causes of the imbalance and decide to finally tackle it. It is all about our stuff…always.

The same floor layout suggests many life imbalances for the occupants. The bedroom is in the fame area, indicating inability to be recognized for one’s endeavors, as the bedroom is not open to the public. But maybe these people get to be known for their sexuality or intimate relationships! Mmmm….

The center of the house holds the conflicting energies of fire and water, indicating possibility of serious health and financial set-backs. The garage is in the benefactors gua and it represents metal energy. It relates to men, helpers, fathers, power, light, clarity, persistence, head, skin and lungs. It houses constantly moving objects. It portends a man always on the move. He may be unstable emotionally or simply find love elsewhere, as the energy of women is missing. It also indicates difficulties getting helpful people to commit. All kinds of relationships may be at risk here.

Lest you think you are doomed with your L-shaped house, or any other poorly designed home, Feng Shui offers a myriad of adjustments, some simple as the mural mentioned earlier, some a little more involved, to help you overcome a difficult floor plan and work on your life situations. Particular adjustments or good Feng Shui cures will be the subject of other articles. But not to be missed is the premise of this one. The issues that guided people to select these places to dwell on a given time in their lives must be addressed jointly. You simply cannot put live plants-a good Feng Shui adjustment for the family gua, and expect that you will now enjoy a peachy relationship with your difficult grandparents. Plants will make things easier because you placed a symbol of new growth in this area and you placed it with your intention to focus on family issues. Your grandfather may be less cantankerous when you see him next, but the root cause that placed you in this relationship will still need to be addressed by you as you sit quietly near the plant. Adding a room in the relationship gua may bring you more partners as now you have brought this energy within your life, but you still have to address what belief is keeping you from attracting the right relationship. As construction goes on, or as you add particular adjustments, you will find it easier to contemplate these deeply buried issues.


Take a good look at your relationship blueprint and note areas of consistent conflict or stress for you. Embrace the difficulties by taking responsibility for them. Examine your beliefs and your thoughts. Look at your home and see what is in disarray there. Where is the clutter? What are the rooms that just don’t feel right? Fix, organize, clean, clear up, vacuum, spruce them up. You will see that the difficulties without, mirror the ones within. As you clear up the guas, you feel clarity within you as well. Start where you are and don’t underestimate the power to change yourself and therefore your circumstances. At least do a thorough cleaning job and remove old stuff in your bedroom, change the sheets—I suggest you buy pink ones! You may change your partnership luck!

Finally…there is no other who will bring us happiness. That is why our dwellings are so important.Our home mirrors our life. Love yourself enough to explore this very primary relationship and see what happens…


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