They Are Happily Swimming Two

In today’s wonderful “Notes from the Universe” (, Mike Dooley as the “voice” of the Universe says, “Whether obvious or not, and usually it’s not, everyone in your life is there to help you, AND, they’re actually doing so right now.
We call this the Everyone In Your Life Is There To Help You Rule.”

I know it is a hard concept to entertain in a world where people suffer through wars and deeply rooted enmities. It is even more difficulty when we are personally involved in a situation where we are on opposite sides of a heated conflict. Anger and or sadness surface and we move from these two emotions until the emotions themselves take on a life of their own.

We have difficulty remembering the good times when we are happily swimming as two.  We move from blaming to self-pity. Seeing the other as the opponent makes us feel better, albeit temporarily. We cling to our story because we perceive that in not doing so, we will be weaker and defeated. We would be wiser to realize the fallacy of this assessment, for it is entirely the work of our Ego.

Albert Einstein called the ego “an optical illusion of consciousness”. The ego has a voracious appetite for making rights and wrongs. It assigns solidity to thoughts, behaviors and events that actually lack substance. It relies heavily on the stories that constantly run through our heads, especially when we are not conscious-our most normal state of being. This unconsciousness keeps us from noticing patterns in our lives that surface as we react to people, situations and events that we in fact, attract. It is our “school of life”.

We never leave the school of life, where everything around us, including ourselves, are the subject of constant learning and its accompanying quizzes. Everything and everyone is a helper. I know this awareness may feel like you’ve swallowed the whole ocean; but when you find yourself grinding your teeth, it is a good sign that an opportunity for growth is available.

You can choose to ignore it-feed the ego and add to the old stories, or you can surrender to the lesson, forgive yourself for your incorrect perceptions, change your stories and be compassionate even to those who hurt you deeply, for they are or were unconscious too!

I learned a great lesson a while ago. When I am happily swimming along and then notice a “black fish” running headlong toward me, (look at the painting above) I surrender. I allow all the feelings and emotions to surface. I give them a voice. I take some deep breaths. It may take me a few days to rebalance, and regain consciousness. This always happens when I accept the “help” of the contrary person or event. I reflect on what in me attracted the black fish. I thank “the fish”, I forgive myself and the other for both of our incorrect perceptions and if that person or situation still belongs in my life, I allow it to happen. If not, I move on with love in my heart. In any case, however it turns out, it only does because I took care of my needs. I healed myself and changed my stories. I am the only one that I am able to change.

I invite you to dive in and swim downstream, happily running two, three, four…




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