Today I Know For Sure-I Am The Magician!



The first work of 2013 came as usual, after the morning’s meditation. Today it was a special day and I feel different from other times I meditated for I encountered feelings I have never felt before.

 I seldom felt the presence of Spirit, including that of my parents and grandparents, as strongly as I did a while ago. I don’t remember feeling so loved. I don’t recall feeling so wholly thankful  and overwhelmingly  touched by a higher power. I felt wide open, yet really cozy and trusting and the feeling lingers still now. I know I am alone in my home…but I am not!

I see spirits dancing, singing and clapping all round my bed. I feel the sunshine on my body, as if I was on a Caribbean beach in summer. Yet I am glad to see the blanket of pure white snow covering the ground outside my window.

I hear music and laughter and I am part of the party, yet my neighbors are still sleeping soundly. Most folks would say…”it’s just another day!” Yet is it a rite of passage. January first is a mark; a turning of the Gregorian calendar and part of the cycle I have been born into. I ended last year shedding a virus. I awoke with a cleansed body and spirit.

I am grateful I started the new year feeling so deeply in love with myself, my family, my friends, my clients, my neighbors and feeling adored by the Universe which includes my dear ancestors. I see my mom smiling from her portrait. My grandparents beam from their picture. Papa smiles above my head, squeezing my check a little too tightly.

On this glorious first morning of 2013, I know for sure that I am a magician and powerful beyond measure. I am a miracle maker and a miracle worker. I may not know the exact steps for the magic I will be spinning. I don’t want to know the future. I only want to play full on with whatever shows up and like old master Hakuin say, “is that so?” with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

I know my dreams and they are real. I know my power and it is strong. I know my heart and we are friends forever! I am in charge of my life and that is the way I like it.

The Magician is a barely dried 20″ diameter mixed media on canvas. Lots of gold, lots of purple, lots of alchemy!




2 thoughts on “Today I Know For Sure-I Am The Magician!

  1. Di

    Awesome, Lidia. I feel the same way….when you look for magic you will find it. If you believe you are powerful you are…sometimes in ways that are not obvious.

    Thank you for beautiful works of art.

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