What If A Little Bird…

What If A Little Bird-LidiaScherArt

What if a little bird

All of a sudden

Decided to fly really, really high…

Higher than she knew heights

A veritable unknown feat she thought

For a little bird her size…

She would have to grow bigger wings

She would have to summon all her might

Could she? Would she?

She focused her vision

Her eyes sparkled like rubies

She took a deep breath…

Out she flew into the unknown

Her wings were bigger, well

They just appeared!

The skies simply smiled

The stars turned a pink hue

The wings were simply brilliant…

She was now a mighty bird

Free to go anywhere she wished

This bird knew her strength

The little bird knew

That now she could…

Fly really, really high!



2 thoughts on “What If A Little Bird…

  1. Hi Lidia –

    Very beautiful poem and artwork!

    You might want to either remove the “form” ( See information below ) from your outgoing email.




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