A Bird Of Incredible Beauty

ABBird Of Incredible Beauty_LidiaScherArt.com
The art depicted here is accompanied by the poem I wrote. I believe it needs no further explanation, other than the size and media. It is an 8″ x 10″ mixed media on paper. See how the art and the poem speak to you.

A bird of incredible beauty
Hurled to the Heart of the World
She knew the way
She felt excited
She expected greatness
She knew she earned it

She knew the way
From falling and trying again
From getting stuck on branches
And finding her way out
She always knew she would find it

This day she was sure
She said hello to the bigger birds
And encouraged the little ones
She felt complete
She knew she was close

And now she was here
She felt the calm
She sensed the joy
She followed the rhythm
Of this large beating drum

She didn’t have to think
Neither did she ask
At first she poked a little
Stars burst up and away
She liked the feeling…

She gathered her power
Summoned her might
Her own little heart
Seemed to grown larger
And her plumage grander

With her eyes open
And the courage of giants
This bird went fully in
The world grew still
But only for a moment

Streams of joy
Billowed in the heavens
The earth smiled
At the wondrous sighting
The bird was inside indeed!

Today the sun is brighter
The moon sports an unusual glow
Stars twinkle like crystals
Just because a bird on incredible beauty…
Believed she is the Heart of the World!

Lidia Kenig Scher, September 2013


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