I Am Blooming As A Flower

Blooming As a Flower_LidiaScherArt.comAn interesting story is attached to this piece. I went in to the studio a couple of days ago, after my morning meditation and left my cushion chanting a modified version of a song by Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh, that I learned years ago. I was so happy throughout the entire session. I did not even stop to think. My presence with the piece was total. I completed it and cleaned up. The chant was still in my head. But the most interesting thing was that I felt such love. I felt surrounded by loving hands. I felt beautiful. Moreover, I felt a deep love for this little girl, glowing with light and peace.

I got ready for a date with some friends and as soon as I entered the house, my friend exclaimed, “you look beautiful, glowing”. Over dinner, we all shared current events in our life, and I ended my share by describing this piece. One of my friends wanted to see it. I showed her an untouched version in my phone camera, which was not really true to the original. She immediately fell in love with her and wanted to buy it. I had to stop myself because I felt a reluctance to sell it. I caught myself wanting to keep her. Then I realized that this little girl is my spirit-within-me and that she was teaching me that when I create with total presence and deep love, others perceive it and want to be in the presence of the piece. It also reminded me that it is my intention to create art that helps people heal and grow spiritually. “Blooming As A Flower” showed me the way.

The piece is 12″ x 12″ acrylic on wood. The chant, actually a melding of two different chants by Thay, as Thich Nhat Hanh is affectionately addressed, has a melody that you cannot hear. You will be missing the music, but you will get the intent of the piece. If you want me to sing it to you, email me and give me a phone number and email address. I’ll call you and leave you the chant sang by me 🙂

Here is the chant I call I Am Free

I am alive
I am home
In the here
In the now

I am blooming as a flower
I am soft as the dew
I am free
I am free

I breathe in…I breathe out
I breathe in…I breathe out
I am solid as a mountain
I am firm like the earth

I am free
I am free
Breathing in…breathing out
Breathing in…breathing out

I am water
What is real
What is true

And I know I am home
As I open my heart
I am loved…I am loved
I am free!


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