Slaying The Dragon-Seeing Gold

Slaying The Dragon-Seeing Gold_LidiaScher2013

Working with the other paintings in a series I call, The Dragon’s Jewels, over the past few weeks along with its accompanying narrative allowed us to contemplate a relationship from the moment we knew it was ending. We followed it through the process of grieving, we saw ourselves having second thoughts, and felt deep anger. We also considered our attachment to having the relationship. If we did our inner work, we came to the point when we acknowledged that forgiveness and acceptance, of actions, feelings and emotions in ourselves as well as in the other was an important element in healing. I used the metaphor of a mythical dragon to alert us of the need to allow for the release of all the negative feelings and emotions we pinned to the events and see the ending as a choice born of standing in our spiritual truth with no prisoners remaining. Today’s painting, depicting a bold fire dance, with clean smokeless flames swirling about and transforming into bright sun specks, continues the metaphor of the dragon. It proposes that when we summon the courage to “slay the dragon”, we find the jewels of transformation: the peace and freedom that comes from understanding.

The painting is fittingly named: Slaying the Dragon-Seeing Gold. Working with it, we may be able to understand that transformation needs not be the result of a momentous time in our lives. As fire, we are always involved in change at some level, with its attending choices available to us. However, every moment is unique and no choice is incorrect. As we learn to manage our energy and our minds, we unleash our most precious resource, curiosity and joy. The perfect symbol of these attributes is the hummingbird. The painting implies that we too can alchemically transform our pure fire into the gold hummingbird.

Before I dive into managing our energy and mind, and tackling transformation, I like to reiterate that relationships refer to personal liaisons as well as business entanglements and all the flavors in between. Every time we find ourselves “in relationship” the components are the same: there is a courtship, when we are excited to be in this special situation. The excitement is fueled by the energy of the second chakra; the creative & sexual energy center located just below the navel. It is followed by the igniting of passions and ideas that combine with emotions usually stemming from the 3rd chakra, our will center located in the hollow created by the chest cavity. Depending on our ability to manage the dance of the second and third chakras, the initial high passions may move into enjoyment peppered with acceptance of the natural twists and turns of a partnership, until the partnership, following its natural cycle, ends. The ending can be a physical or vibrational death. It is in the understanding of cycles and the role of the mind and emotions when a relationship shifts, where the differences are sharpest and the theme of the previous 3 paintings.

The first one, The Masquerade Ball Ended-All’Swell, showed us that we tend to walk through life with blinders on. The first moment of transformation occurs when we see that what was sustaining the relationship was fear based. Refusing to acknowledge the rough spots, we clang to a false belief, that without it we would be worse off. The fear creating the clinging arises from the energy of an imbalanced will chakra hijacking our consciousness. These are the stories we etched in our consciousness and divide our world into winners and losers. The dirty little secret is that when any life situation changes, we secretly believe that we are the most likely culprits, but we blame the other as a defense mechanism. It is truly transformative to look into another and be grateful that you were in this relationship to learn and heal.

The second piece, Cleaning Up After The Ball, showed us that by releasing our attachment to this relationship and accepting its timely lessons, we may be willing to incorporate these gifts into our lives. The transformation occurs when we consider that grieving is good and that healing is possible.

The last piece, There Are Still Some Revelers-Here Comes The Dragon, was offering the possibility of transformation by understanding how we make choices. Being fully present to the workings of the ego, when regret surfaces and we go into unconsciousness, it may behoove us to remember that we are all responsible for managing our energy. Hidden in the painting’s playful figures dancing about, making noise and getting caught in a whirl of “whipped cream”, we may miss that some are about to fall into the abyss of their own foolishness. Like these beings, we don’t hear our inner voice. Transformation comes when screaming “ahhhs” we become aware of the workings of the second chakra. This chakra is greatly impacted by our early childhood experiences, when we experienced issues of fear. Feeling unprotected, alone and confused, our emotions conned us to believe that fear and pain were to be avoided. The dark, the unknown and what we did not understand became thoughts and feelings that translated into mistrust. We learned not to trust others, yet most pernicious is that we learned not trust ourselves. It follows that a transformation occurs when we learn to trust the choices we make at every moment. The dragon’s jewels become evident when we summon the courage to look deeply and act in spite of fear. These are balanced second and third chakra energies.

This 11” x 14” mixed media on wood depicts the final unveiling of the jewels. It portrays how we gain freedom from cravings and attachments as we discover our power to create the life we want. Learning to focus inward we become aware that we may be by ourselves but are never alone, and we co-create our reality aided by the Universe’s benevolence and love. Our will center becomes aligned with Spirit and our inner flame burns cleanly. There is no need to fear the unknown. Choice empowers us, and our journey is transformational at every turn because we are in tune with our inner voice. As we train ourselves to view all the crossroads, big and small, with curiosity and wonder, kindness and compassion; we slay the dragon and claim the jewels. We are now able to move away from blind and ephemeral passions and turn on the energy of the second chakra into the level of creativity that attracts a mutually enriching partnership and the fulfillment of dreams aligned with the will of the universe. At peace and in joy, we feel love and trust in the timing and perfection of each person’s journey. From the alchemy of fire turning to gold a hummingbird is born free. Such freedom arises of curiosity of what is simply all around us and always available. This is the ultimate transformation. Namaste–May the gold within me see the gold within you!

The entire series is available for closer viewing and purchase @ It will  also be on exhibit this Saturday, Nov 2, at the Worcester Palladium’s Inter-dimensional Vaudevillians’ Cosmic Side show,  8PM-2AM. The Palladium is on 261 Main St., Worcester MA 01608. Hope to see the locals having fun!


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