The Clarity That Comes From Stillness

Clarity From Stillness-LidiaScher2013
Clarity from Stillness by LidiaScher-2013 ~8″ x 10″ Watercolor & Collage on Paper

She has a dream
To be joyful and free
While creating the wonders
That spill from her heart
She undertook a journey
To see the place
Where Forever dwells
The house of Peace
The mountain of Light

Up the hill and round the mountain
Climbing the steep rock wall
Dodging boulders and branches
Each of them shared wisdom
Each one taught her a lesson.
Some stories amused her
Others simply left her speechless
A few classes were funny
Some others so scary

The latter made her pause
And spend many a fortnight
Frightened and lonely
Confused and bewildered
The voices were so loud
She covered her ears
A few spoke in tongues
She did not understand
All of that made her backtrack

Some days she felt happy
Beloved and warm
On other days the journey was arduous
Treacherous and frightening
She rested and slept
She kept walking the trail
A few days of cold and shivery frost
Were followed by sunshine
And the seasonal shift.

In time there were no more caves
Or tunnels to dread
No more hidden ghosts
Nor echoing screeches
She stopped to observe the day starting anew
She looked and she saw the tops of the trees
She was up
She was high
And so near the crest!

Left the stories behind
Scattered about on the rocks
The imps were still there
They were part of her past
They were telling her to go on a trip to Somewhere
She indulged them in play
Even tossed them some pebbles
She held one oh so lovingly
The imp believed she was his

But the girl had arrived
This was home and she knew it
Found a seat just for her
And she simply relaxed
It was good to dream big
It was better to trust
Even sweeter to be present
To the tumbles and fumbles
Just to behold the view

She was here and was free
And today day she is clear
Her heart is open
Her eyes are twinkling
The wind plays with her hair
And she is ready to dance
She is in Joy and in Peace
She found Light in the sky…
Her name is Clarity.

The original is available @


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