I Am Grateful

I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013
I Am Grateful-Lidia Kenig Scher-2013

…is the last of The Grateful Heart Series. Like the others, it features a photo captured through a faceted crystal heart of the garden below my bedroom window. The image is an 18” x 18” Mixed Media on paper, and like the one published on November 18th, The Grateful Heart and the Buddha’s Field, the Buddha statue is at the center of the crystal heart. In this one, the outline of a human upper torso is behind the heart. It is an earth being with feminine energy dominating the middle ground, with the earth as the background, like double Yin. As this being lies down on the welcoming earth, the Buddha sits directly over her high heart, implying that her heart and the Buddha’s heart are one. This hearts’ pairing spawns the energy of pure and unconditional love and, like in the entire series; it affects the land, the people and everything. The Buddha’s orb spins a sacred spiral that lodges at the throat chakra, ending on a gem silica crystal, right at the 6th chakra opening. This stone is the crystal form of chrysocolla, a wonderful earth ally encouraging speaking one’s highest truth, the one from the heart. White light emanates from the heart, implying the clarity and beauty of pure love.Today, I invite you to meditate with me. Look at the picture and read the description that follows.

Focus on it intensely and with me, scan the scene. The mantra I was chanting while painting this piece, bubbles up from within. AHAM BRAHMASMI, translated as I am divine, I am the universe, the absolute is an Sanskrit mantra found on the Upanishads, the ancient Hindu scriptures written between 800 and 200 BCE. Spiritual teacher Osho called this mantra a declaration of enlightenment, because it implies that there is no other god than our own inner being. Osho’s definition comes close to what I call the Spirit-Within-Me. So let us chant and breathe reaching a complete sense of peace. This state is represented by the orb above the Buddha-the divine presence, sending its light through the heart and on to the solar plexus where a sun shines right into this energy center and is further nourished by the within all-encompassing love. Sense the same feelings arising within you.

Look at the beautiful flower bud rising from below lying directly at the heart center. Next, see the will center covered with more buds and healthy leaves. Place your palms on your solar plexus and feel, as in the picture, the main part of the flower. This signifies the human will aligned with divine’s will.

Now sense the flowers’ roots growing longer, stronger and thicker within you too. Filled with divinity itself, we understand that the roots are deep within the earth’s core, and the seed started in the root chakra, it opened within the second chakra-the dan tien, then it moved up the chakric column, bursting into the beautiful blossoms at the heart where it collected pure light and love. The perfumed scent arising from the flowers flows through our upper chakras, and suddenly, a flurry of divine flowers shower from the heaven realm onto our meditating bodies, infusing us with their scent and enveloping us and the being in the art, completely. We are in bliss. We are free, as the sound of the heart chakra begins reverberating throughout the universe- Yum. Yum, YUM, YUMMMM. This is real power uncoiled from our being’s core. When this energy is unleashed; what is known as the Kundalini, meaning “she who is coiled”, it changes everything. The power within is released and we complete an important cycle here on earth. From here on, like the being in the picture, we dwell in joy. Breathe easily, and when ready, continue reading.

As you can see, this art work is a perfect piece to practice a meditation to awaken the fullness of our core and allow it to merge with the earth’s and heaven’s energies. It was created in meditation, and it brings about oneness. With consistent practice, it leads to enlightenment.  Additionally, every time we glance at the picture it reminds us that we have a grateful heart, and the grateful heart alters everything!

My study of the Heart Sutra through painting is completed for now. I know that there are more layers to this wonderful sutra. I am grateful to have it to look forward when the next time arises. Creating art this year has been a source of immense joy and pleasure. Shifts in relationships, activities and life situations gave me plenty of study hall time. I learned a lot and that in and of itself makes this year an extraordinary one. I loved, I released, I shifted, I won where I thought I lost, I lived fully and I am living my dream. I thank you for being a huge part of it.

The art work is available for purchase, just in time for a life changing turn in 2014, at LidiaScherArt/New Work Gallery
If you like to receive a copy of the detailed guided meditation I created around this artwork, please post a brief comment and email your information to Lidia@lasassociates.net

Have a blissful week!


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