The Queen is Free Now to Attract the Perfect Mate

The Queen is free Now_Lidia Kenig Scher
The Queen Is Free Now, 2013-© Lidia Kenig Scher

When I created this beautiful queen I felt regal. I wanted her to appear wealthy at all levels. As I was painting her multi-layered dress and lathering on ultra-thin gold leaf I thought that anyone who sees her would simply know that by being in her presence you would feel enriched, admire her abundance and notice the ease with which she carries herself. Her pompous dress does not confine her. She walks about without fear and can command a room with the light field she projects. The shining gold bodice implies that the light simply comes from within. She is a true sovereign. When I prepared the painting to be publicly shown, I wondered…who would dare become her?

Her new owner would have to be ready to aspire embodying such qualities, and in addition, desire to take on her subtly discriminating demeanor. The queen has a mask on. She wants to be keenly present to whoever and whatever shows up in her life, so she can focus her gaze and offer her undivided attention. She also appreciates the distance that the huge dress affords to assess the situations and cast her boundaries. You cannot push this one!

If you have been following the last four posts about the immeasurable qualities of being that helps us vibrate true love, you know that she has them all. She has the capacity to offer love and understanding. She is compassionate and fair; she carries her joy in her regal presence and can handle anything, because she has the ability to take on the “long view”. She also loves and appreciates herself and can be playful. This queen looks at life with curiosity and wonder, without attachments or aversions. She is too full to carry grudges or keep scores, yet she misses nothing and makes conscious choices for she truly adores the journey. With Spirit’s presence within, she is fully able to follow her heart’s truth and attract others who vibrate as she does.

The woman- I knew it would be a female, who would choose her to grace a wall space in her home, would have nothing to worry about. Without casting spells, or create affirmations, she would be so spiritually charged that like an invisible fence, she could only attract the most ideal mate, unlimited abundance and a harmonious life.

Any daring souls out there ready for the same challenge? The original is a 16” x 20” x 2” mixed media on wood.  I am also offering well-priced 16” x 20”- canvas prints wrapped and embellished, and archival rag, top quality giclee paper prints. A creative male gift giver may also purchase The Queen for their Valentine’s Day gift and know that his valentine will be thrilled! Click Valentine to purchase her!

Have an awesome week.


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