Just Watching the Snow Fall

Poem & Photograph of a Buddha in the Snow
Just Watching the Snow Fall © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2014

I hear much complaining about this harsh winter of 2014. Yet Winter is the season of rest, of deep inner work. It is the yin time. Our society is arranged in total conflict with this notion. We are on the go, busy with work, study, commitments, appointments, events. May we need to accept what we cannot change? Does it make us any happier to complain? And if we complain, can we change the weather? What can we change?

Happiness comes from presence. When our minds wander we lose focus and feel unsettled. The mind seeks focus. When we complain, we are expressing an emotion, and the mind does not know what to do with an emotion. May we be able to acknowledge that we are in “complaining mode” and think differently about the cold, the snow, the shoveling, the late appointments, and the school cancellations? In addition to dressing appropriately and leaving earlier on account of the traffic we will surely encounter, can we start by putting a different frame on our picture of the day?

Upon waking I looked out my bedroom window and my eyes focused on the garden Buddha. From above, he looked funny; I tightened my thick terry robe and ran downstairs.  As I waited for the tea water to heat, the view shifted. The sun was shining and I smiled seeing the garden Buddha covered in his snuggly pure white blanket. I enjoyed the visual texture that the wind left on the snow, and the long shadows the sun casted in the wee hours of the morning. I felt so lucky to be able to be present to this view. I deemed myself so fortunate to notice how the Buddha was dressed, just as I was in my snuggly pure white robe. And that is how the poem started, then I snapped the picture and finished my tea. It was a great beginning for this cold winter day and it got better as the day wore on!

Have a great week everyone!


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