The Soft Eyes

The Soft Eyes
The Soft Eyes © Lidia Kenig Scher, 2013

I like sitting on the banks of the Charles River looking toward the Boston coast line with the soft eyes of meditation.

In this state, I merge with the landscape, yet I am aware and fully present to the sound of the water, the chirping of birds and the rustle of the trees on this windy morning.

It could be any other place, you know. Any waterway will do, or a landscape.

With my soft eyes it could be winter, fall, summer or spring.

I breathe in the rising sun and breathe out the ripples on the water. I breathe in and pause, fill my lungs with wonderment and breathe out peace.

I breathe in the soft dew of the early hours and breathe out the serenity of just this precious moment.

I like looking through the soft eyes. It makes me feel whole.

Painting is available for purchase here . Gift yourself by practicing seeing with The Soft Eyes


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