Dare to Pass Through The Portal

LidiaScherArti I Dedicate Myself To The Path of Enlightenment
I Dedicate Myself To The Path © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2009

On this day, at 12:57 PM EDT, the earth straightened on it axis, marking the vernal equinox and the beginning of Spring. On this 24 hours, we will enjoy an equal day and an equal night time because the sun rays were able to directly strike the earth as it rose exactly in the east. As the earth continues its tilting, the sunrise will continue to appear more northward and rise in the northeast at the summer solstice. I find this to be an interesting fact that bespeaks of the importance of the celestial occurrence, which of course repeats in Autumn. Both are times of transformation, and while in autumn we are guided to go inward, and move toward a more inner shift, Spring beckons us to move forward by manifesting physical changes. Transformation is always a spiritually process, but as the earth straightens to receive light directly, we humans can attune to this vibrational shift, and mimicking nature’s cycle make our transformation visible.

Tulips, daffodils and crocuses, and the perennial greens spent the winter seemingly asleep. They were actually processing inwardly and gaining strength to burst out and eventually bloom from Spring forward. Animals and insects likewise are coming out of their winter’s nap and joyfully move with their transformational cycles. Birds are ready to crack the shells, butterflies will work themselves out of their chrysalis. All these changes are physical. If we feel the urge to make meaningful shifts; we are aligned with the season. Today and in the next weeks,  we can take advantage of this powerful natural burst, wake up from our own winter’s nap and create the physical changes we have been planning. Spring beckons us to make a decision. We can stand straight with the earth to receive the powerful and direct light offering clarity, and commit to a more meaningful life, by leaving behind what no longer serve us, then dare to pass through the portal and manifest what we have been dreaming.

Last night, during her Blog Talk radio show, Jennifer Hoffman did a guided meditation that involved crossing a doorway, or portal and leaving all that no longer serve us behind. Once we crossed the threshold, we visualized  the new that we want. The portal I visualized was the one I created in the Fall of 2009, when I fully committed to the path of awakening, starting with owning and appreciating my skills and talents.

In March of 2010, I placed this “portal” on the door of my art studio and virtually committed to make art my business and my career. For that, I had to let go of my interior design business. I knew that it would take a while, because I had long-term project commitments, wonderful and loyal clients, and a known means of financial support. On that day,as I virtually crossed the portal and looked directly into the center square mirror on this painting, I merged with the all and felt protected and supported by respecting the natural cycles of nature. I did release physical control of my company and became a part-timer. As the years progressed and the commitments ended, I crossed more portals until I came closer and closer to manifest my dream. Each time the change had to be physical, it had to be meaningful and it required courage, grit and persistence. As I crossed the portal at 12:57 PM today, I felt elated and free. I have a great body of work, I love what I do, and know that I have the skills and talents to create art that gives me enormous satisfaction when I create it. That satisfaction increases as old and new clients admire and acquire  what I created to bring beauty, harmony and healing to their lives. Today I crossed over to a life of love, abundance, health, happiness, joy and light. On this first day of Spring, I crossed over to a closer relationship with Source, to successful art exhibits, to fulfilling relationships, to meaningful teachings and satisfying lessons. On the other side of the vernal equinox there is peace, equanimity and love. I left a lot on the other side.

On the other side of the portal, I left fear, and lack of all sorts. I left behind outdated beliefs, and excuses, along with relationships and life situations that no longer worked. As I stood straight in front of the door, I decided to be brave and change a paradigm under which I have been living for much too long. I know that if we really mean to change and grow, we must live by a new paradigm. Albert Einstein put it simply, We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”Nature is offering us a magnificent gift, but we must dare to cross the portal and leap forward!

The painting is a 24″x 48″ acrylic and mixed media on a wrapped canvas, so there is no need for framing it. The original and limited edition, museum quality reproductions are available for purchase and a closer view by clicking on dedicate.  Boston area residents may arrange for a viewing in your space by contacting me via email. Those farther away may purchase the original painting and keep it for 48 hours. If you decide that the piece is not for you, you will be refunded return shipping and purchase upon safe arrival of the painting back in my studio.

Have a great day!


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