The Meditation Clock

The Meditation Clock by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Meditation Clock © by Lidia Kenig Scher, 2013

Visually textured blue waves create the perfect playground for these very colorful and impish beings. With a glorious sunrise as a backdrop, these creatures spy on each other, whisper in each other’s ear, dare each other to carry out amazing tricks and display their prowess, unabashed. The 8” x 10” watercolor on paper with glass beads and wax, is a perfect representation of a meditation session.

Like a clock, we start at the top of the hour and allow for the needle to rhythmically move to the 1 o’clock position. We are not striving and we feel good, just being in the present moment, breathing in and out and aware of our seat.  We are honing the skills that will serve us well, when “the cushion” is not available.

At around 3 o’clock, we begin to hear the whispers. “So where do you need to be today, dear? What time do you need to be ready? Are you prepared for this meeting? Did you call Ellie?” Breathing in…breathing out…breathing in…breathing out at four o’clock we smile triumphant. We did not give in!

“You did not do so well yesterday, dear. Jeff stiffed you, and that guy Garry? He scammed you and you played as if you were the winner” No, I didn’t! I knew all along it was a scam. I was just learning why the scammer tagged me! “Yeah, you were scammed! Hahaha! That guy? He was laughing the whole time!”I learned a lot! “No, you didn’t! Yes I did! Breathing in, we watch the breath enter the nostrils and follow it all the way down to the belly…breathing out. “You fool!” Watching the rhythmic rise and fall of the belly, we breathe in and we breathe out. Belly rising…belly falling…breathing in…breathing out. We are at 7 o’clock…Breathing in…breathing out… breathing in…breathing out.

At 9 o’clock we are coasting easily, no more mind tricks, no more ear whispers, no more accusations, no more self-beating, no more arguing, no more defending, no more winners nor losers. At 10 o’clock we abide in peace and the breath comes in and out easily. We don’t need to count it, we don’t need to focus. We are here and now and watch the antics with amusement and love. We let go of the fear, the plotting, the planning, and the striving. With nothing to do and nowhere to go now, we gave ourselves the gift of time to learn to be in the deep stillness that is at the core of our being. This is the place where desire of the mind does not exist; it is existential time, complete and whole. As we breathe in and out now, the universe itself is breathing through us, and we feel blessed, loved, open and immensely powerful. We now witness the unknown opening to us, and we simply accept the gift of meditation, just as the 12 o’clock bell chimes.

As I open my eyes, and take in the glorious sunrise, I recall that my beautiful teenage grandson requested this piece as his holiday present last year. I am grateful. May you all give yourselves the gift of meditation knowing that the day ahead will be perfect for it!

Have a great week everyone. Please chime in with your comments. I love to read them!!!


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