Want to Recognize Your Heart’s Song? Here are the tools

cathedral of Milan-A View
Cathedral of Milan-A View
Casazza Mural by Lidia Kenig Scher ©2009
Casazza Mural by Lidia Kenig Scher ©2009

Last week I wrote about allowing the heart to speak, and proposed that it talks all the time, but that we need to choose to listen and heed its song. Yet, how can we recognize its particular sound? How do we know that we are not deluding ourselves? How we feel and how we look is a telltale, for if you recall, I also said that when the heart speaks, it changes our physiognomy.

When we look at the face of an old person, we can tell if they smiled or frowned a lot. The muscles on their faces are etched into whichever set was most often used. A face that exhibits few wrinkles bespeaks of peacefulness and as muscles are highly trainable, and that includes the muscles that connect to the heart; we can train ourselves to abide in a state where we can soften our mind and body and clearly discern our heart’s voice.

When we spend the time to be quiet and reflective at least once a day, and train ourselves to use this tool in our everyday life, our new perspective alters our lives and eventually, our muscles learn to follow suit. But what actually happens in the meditation cushion is that we not only train ourselves to be more reflective, but begin to understand how our body feels under stress, and how we react to sounds, thoughts, and events. We also learn how our body behaves when we are happy, peaceful and hopeful.

As we dwell more and more in a balanced present moment, we start to hear our heartbeat and identify how it reverberates inside our bodies. Little by little, we begin to feel that our heart sounds louder and deeper than before, and that it reacts in distinct ways to our thoughts. We may feel a ping when a happy thought arises.  At that point we may also notice a kind of echo indicating that we may not be all alone when we breathe and when we seat. We begin to feel good and smile often. The next day we notice that things flow with greater ease, and the next day, that we reacted better to what we didn’t like. We found ourselves accepting without regretting; being happy for no reason and liking someone without expecting to be liked back. We came up with ideas we didn’t know we had and at day’s end we worked hard and long yet felt refreshed.  This is the result of doing our human work, our normal tasks mindful of our spiritual connection. We recognize that Spirit is within us, safely tucked in our hearts, because what we create, how we talk and how we behave and relate, causes others to also hear the music of our heart and we all rejoice.

When we act, think and feel from our heart center, it is Spirit that speaks through us and the results are so rewarding that we feel a deep joy. Our muscles are now trained to relax and we are at peace, happy, and content doing Spirit’s work. This amazing shot of the Cathedral of Milan portrays human activity deeply steeped in the spiritual desire to connect and embody god. The beautiful building leaves no doubt that the resulting structure was created when the architects (and there were a few,deeply steeped in politics) heeded the voice in their hearts and conceived this masterpiece. The unknown modern photographer, in selecting the angle where the building meets a softly blue and open sky, reinforces what was heard inwardly before taking the picture. Similarly, when I conceived the mural for the center of a dental office, I wanted to inspire those who constantly walk by it to open their hearts and connect with their spirit-within and change from fear of the dental chair to trust in the doctor’s knowledge care and concern. It worked! After more than 5 years, it presides over a vibrant, happy, trusted and abundant practice.

We need not be artists who paint or play an instrument, nor be cathedral designers to create from the heart by co-creating with Spirit. I challenge you take the time this week to meditate and practice listening deeply to the voice in your heart. May this practice prompt you to view all you do as a work of art, and look for inspiring viewpoints to help you filter the day and rejoice in all your endeavors.  I wish you a felicitous outcome to whatever and however manifests!

Mural is on view at http://bit.ly/1iItXdR. Won’t you share your thoughts?


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