Changing the Earth’s Vibration One Door Protector at a Time

Door Protecto 4
Door Protector 4 by Lidia Scher © 2011

The narrow 3” x 12” door protector was created for an office that was going through a transition. My client purchased the dental practice, and even though he had worked with the previous owner for a few years, and both had agreed to the terms of the sale, there was a lot of tension, confusion and mixed messages that persisted throughout the pre-sale proceedings and well after signing papers. Things were stuck when I started designing the new space. We experienced all sort of delays, missed appointments, and miscommunications. It turned out that the dentist had neglected to inform his long-term employees that he had sold the business, and was even balking at telling his patients that his former associate was now the owner. I knew that if the renovations were to succeed we needed to shift the energy of the office. Once again I suggested we try a door protector and after it was installed above the front door of the suite, things really heated up. It took a lot of trusting in the rightness of the project and my client’s vision, but after a series of truly difficult show-downs the atmosphere at the office began to improve and construction began.

There were many fences to mend and lots of hurt feelings, including a deep soul-searching on my client’s part, because he was right in the middle of the pickle jar. He started by placing blame on his partner until he began remembering conversations and comments he dismissed as the other’s “quirkiness”. He saw that he chose to ignore misgivings going back a few years, about how the practice was run and kept silent. In other words, the glaring signs were there and neither of the partners had addressed them. The departing owner was also dealing with loss and attachment to a life rhythm to which he had grown accustomed. While the top of the heap was mired in conflict, staff members felt betrayed, did not know who to believe and were fearful about joining the staff coming from the new owner‘s principal practice in an attempt to consolidate the business in the new space we were renovating. While bold colors and textures, contemporary furnishings, and bright art were intended to give the new practice clear direction and focus, it was quite challenging to workers used to a traditional dental office setting that lacked both structure and direction.

Two years later, the practice is booming, solid and harmonious.  Some staff departed and new ones happily joined in. While it may be unscientific to point to the installation of the door protector as the genesis of the changes, we all admitted that it was an uncanny coincidence, as the practice manager recalled the searing pain the business had undergone, including a time when she called me to suggest we remove “the darn protector that is not protecting us”.  She now admits that this statement was untrue. We could not have arrived at where we were now without going through the growing pains to which the painting had been a constant witness. Another interesting fact my client noticed is how the road blocks he learned to transform through the sale and the building of the new practice mirrored other instances in his life where relationships and transitions occurred. He found himself not being a good communicator; and then…he learned. It appears that we were able to alter the vibrational energy in the office after all!

What I found in creating and installing the Door Protectors with the Wish Fulfilling Mantra, is that what we desire and is in harmony with our soul’s path will blossom, but not without the learning necessary to get to the real wish or goal. In other words, when what we desire appears to take a turn southward, it isn’t that we do not deserve our wish, or that we are not doing the right things or thinking the best thoughts or not saying the correct affirmations. The issue is that there a few situations we need to take part in so that we can access the vibrational energy that matches what we desire. I also found that in some instances, what ends up manifesting is that a dream we didn’t even know we coveted comes true!

We live in a new earth, and as Eckhart Tolle projected, we are tasked with transforming the old paradigm. We are not trying to die and go to Heaven. We are attempting to reconcile our outer and inner purpose, “the reconciliation of the world and God.” Our soul’s job is to bring Heaven to Earth. We can only do this by altering our own vibrations and that of the dwellings where we live and work.

The door protectors containing the mantra, the personal symbols and the unique role of the artist who co-created it with Spirit, is a tangible vibrational field and a catalyst. When we add a pure intention upon installing it, this vibration also becomes part of the art, and it enables the process to unfold and herald a momentous human awakening. As we understand and own our interconnection to everything here on earth and in heaven, as written in the ancient Upanishads , “when a blade of grass is cut, the whole universe quivers”, we know that what we experience at the personal level affects all. Thus when we consciously change our vibration by being in our truth, we bring Truth to the entire universe.

Next week I will write about the mantra itself, and will introduce a wonderful testimonial from a client who was so excited about the door protector’s power that she offered to write the post as a guest author! Meanwhile, you can start your own karma healing and wish-fulfilling and change the earth’s vibration in your corner of the universe by purchasing a limited edition high-resolution and blessed reproduction of this door protector called Door Protector 4, for $45.00, including free shipping within the continental USA. Click here to purchase. Size is 3″ x 12″. Upon receiving it, you can frame it and hang it above your front door on the inside and see the magic of energy at work.

You may also commission a new one, by emailing me through the Contact form. An original 6”x 12” art is priced @ $252.00 + S & H.

Your comments and questions are welcome. Have a magically healing week!!!



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