No More Trouble in Paradise

Gend Door Protector @
Gend Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher @ 2013

The owners of this door protector faced an unexpected intrusion when the pristine land behind their property was sold to a developer. At the time that the art was commissioned, lawyers were contacted because the construction behind caused water and mud to slide directly on to my client’s land, flooding luxurious plantings and begun to sip in to their foundation. Their former backyard heaven was unusable, and the beautiful and lush tree-lined back barrier had been removed to make room for a new home’s backyard. To make matters worse, given the design of the new development, one of the new homes’ corner perilously encroached on my clients’ land, obstructing sunlight and creating safety and privacy concerns. Asking for help the clients commissioned a door protector and felt strongly that the artwork should be installed above their back door sliders because that was where the cause of the disturbance was taking place. What they did not see at the time was that the disturbance they were seeing behind their dwelling was brewing within the family.

There is much symbolic power in this 6” x 24” diptych, intended to bring about harmony, balance and strong protection to the situation. The Wish Fulfilling Mantra twice dances around pod-like shapes and latches unto three-dimensional spirals. The pods are actually representations of the myrobalan plum trees and blossoms. The seeds of this sacred tree are always depicted inside the Medicine Buddha’s healing bowl, and in Tibetan artistic art, the plant is also seen growing out the bowl containing what cures all ills. Since ancient times the myrobalan has been an important ingredient in Chinese healing arts, and Ayurveda medicine.  Spirals are symbols of fertility, regeneration and creativity. There are also lotus seeds scattered throughout contributing the beauty and purity of a flower that grows out of dark waters, beckoning the parties to see possibility within strife. Mustard seeds, little mirrors, and pieces of hematite promote protection and emit light for clarity; and cinnabar ink lines impart good fortune and success. Little glass drops imply the movement of water, promoting new ideas and solutions to impasse. All the pieces coalesce and strengthen the mantra.

OM PAD MO USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT is the Tibetan pronunciation of the Wish Fulfilling Mantra; its 10 syllables are associated with Namgyalma, the Tibetan name for a peaceful deity, known as the Mother of All Buddhas. She is a manifestation of emptiness, able to bestow long-life on beings not for selfish purposes but for helping them to create the most auspicious environment for all to reach enlightenment. She is also a purification deity and is invoked in the presence of the dead and as a means of settling disputes. It is said that Gautama Buddha taught about Namgyalma’s attributes, thus reciting, hearing, touching or seeing the mantra teaches one to be in equal terms with the deity and promote compassion, loving-kindness, non-duality and good will for all.

The mantra has been recited for over 2500 years, and it is a favorite of Lama Zopa, Rinpoche, a Tibetan teacher and head of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, who is known to use it to save fishes, purify water, help people overcome negative karma and to help the dying make the best transition at the time of their passing, among other things.  By placing it over the main doorway of a house or business, we are constantly reminded to be our best selves; sacred beings doing earthly work, while the mantra itself broadcasts the energy throughout the space it presides, and the door protector showcased here is an enhanced example of the mantra at work.

It took very little time for my clients and the developers to reach a peaceful agreement. Within a month of installing the art, the land behind was redesigned to correct the drainage, the offending house was repositioned, including the foundation, new trees and a beautiful fence created a lovely backdrop to the backyard.  The landscape was reworked and now it has gorgeous greenery and abundant flowers. The foundation was solidly secured.  Yet, as the family seemed to regain sanity and peace, they discovered a deep rift in their grown children’s relationship that came to the surface and stunned everyone. Again I was summoned to do some Feng Shui, but as I stood looking at the door protector I felt reassured that there was nothing more to do at that time. I am happy to report that it took nearly a year, but the siblings have no more rivalries. I was recently invited to dine in, and was told by both brother and sister that there is no more trouble in Paradise!

This door protector is not available for purchase in any form. However, I invite you to commission a personalized powerful protector by emailing me through the Contact form. An original 6”x 12” piece, no frame needed,  is priced @ $252.00 + S & H.

You will also find blessed limited edition museum quality reproductions priced at $45.00 and $75.00 with free shipping within the continental USA by clicking on door protectors.

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