Protection We Can Trust

Isabelle Door Protector
Isabelle Door Protector by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2011

Isabelle Lovell had a modest massage home practice and supplemented her income by working in a day spa for a number of years. She also rented the basement in-law apartment below her home. It all amounted to an exhausting schedule that left little room for fun and life balance. A well-respected practitioner, Isabelle was and continues to be in high demand for her multi-faceted skills and talents. Her clients got results; she was tired. When I suggested that she invest a considerable amount of money and summon a high degree of courage by releasing her tenants to create a state-of-the art studio, and leave her home free of work; she clearly thought I was a little crazy. Yet, she did it!

Having courage does not mean that we don’t have misgivings, especially when things don’t flow smoothly. The construction process was difficult; but as the build out was completed and the renovated space was filled with Feng Shui correct furniture, art and accessories, the energy of the space changed and Lovell felt more relaxed. Her Sense of Balance business flourished and her reputation grew by leaps and bounds. She was busier than ever. To add to her fully filled day, she had a new relationship that also needed attention. In her quest for balance while maintaining love and business success, Isabelle commissioned a Door Protector, and while she wanted to place it above the business’ front door, I recommended that she place it above her home’s front door.

According to Feng Shui principles, a house and its occupants get its Chi or energy through the front door. Whatever or whomever comes through it contributes to the kind of nourishment that enters. The stronger, healthier and more balanced the front door area is; the stronger and better the quality of energy available for those who live in the house. It is our home environment and the life we lead within it that affects our business and our relationships, not the other way around, and this holds true whether we own or rent the space. A malfunctioning front door, one that is never used, a tight space upon entering the home, blockages, and confusion provided by too many doors, overflowing coat racks, shoes strewn about, or stairs that flow into it or split up and down will indicate the same lack of clarity and much effort required to make ends meet and lead a balanced life. Structurally, Lovell’s entry was less than ideal, and while there are many cultural, religious and sacred symbols, including Feng Shui cures that we could have installed to correct the imbalances, the reported successes of the door protectors, moved Isabelle to select the latter.

Door protectors work on many levels. They possess a very high vibrational field, given that the mantra is associated with the most powerful Buddhist teachings leading to enlightenment:  loving-kindness, compassion, balance, non-attachment, harmony, and ethical thinking and acting at all levels, and over the centuries it has been invoked to save lives and to invite the best transition when the body dies, while promoting protection and freedom from harm and negative karma by its sheer usage. The additional symbols I place, depending on the particular need are associated with healing and protection. In this piece, Fire swallows what doesn’t serve or is negative and as it burns debris, opens the way to the clarity and peace of a brilliant sky with dissipating clouds. The power of the mantra moves front and center bringing forth the goodness that is our birthright in the form of crystals and jewels that are constantly emitting light. While creating the art, I am constantly repeating the mantra, adding purity of thought and unconditional love. I am rooting for the client and my thoughts get vibrationally etched in the art.

The language of visuals is constantly speaking to us, as in billboards, advertising, magazines, web, computers and all the information we receive through our eyes. Our lack of understanding of visual speak leaves us not only unable to properly answer or react; it also makes as vulnerable to the inherent symbols we receive and are inadvertently exposed to on a regular basis. Everything affects us, and the effect is as powerful as the door protectors, but because we lack control over the other messages, we are bombarded with ones that are many times counter to our well-being, and the peace and centeredness needed to lead a conscious life.

These door protectors affect us positively.  When we install them with intention and reinforce the intention over the many times we cross the threshold just by eyeing it; our own high vibration gets etched into the art to be multiplied a hundredth fold. Over time it affects those who dwell or work in the space, as well as those who come less often.  The synergy between the people and the art affects their vibrational field and in turn, wherever these people are, they also affect the energy field of other spaces and other people.  That synergy of love is the protection shield and one that we can confidently and freely share with those who visit us. This is compassion in one of its highest forms.

Isabelle wrote that since her door protector was installed in 2011,

  • The house feels even more of a relaxing, safe haven than before.
  • The sense of beauty and peace in the house is palpable.
  • People that come visit comment on the peaceful and contented feeling they have upon entering the door.
  • My massage practice downstairs has almost doubled with clients that are committed to their healing.
  • The land of my home and office has also increased in peace and beauty.
  • My relationship with my boyfriend Alan has deepened.
  • I lead a balanced and happy life.

Thank you Lidia for sharing your beautiful, healing gifts with me and the world!

I invite all who read this article to commission a door protector. It will surely affect everyone’s lives in a positive manner.”

Sense of Balance, Isabelle Lovell’s healing arts and massage therapy studio is located in Hudson, NH. She has clients that come to see her from all over the USA. Visit her website and see the breadth of her skills and talents by clicking You can also call or email her with questions.

I am deeply touched and grateful. Using Isabelle’s own words I was able to better explain how a painting created form the heart; can be magically transformed into Spirit’s healing instrument. You may be moved to follow Isabelle’s advice by clicking on Door Protectors and selecting a museum quality reproduction, or you can commission a personalized one by emailing me through the Contact form on the website.

Have a great week everyone and please chime in with your comments and questions.



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