Who is My Door Protector Protecting – by Di Hall

Door Protector Hall www.LidiaScherArt.com
Door Protector Hall By Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009

“I have known Lidia for many years. During our first encounter I knew there was something mystical about this woman and her ability to know, just by being an open channel to spirit, exactly what is needed to support you on your journey. I am consciously using the word “encounter” because every time I’m with Lidia as my consultant and coach, something unexpected occurs!

During an annual Feng Shui house clearing (which I highly recommend), Lidia told me about these new door protectors she was creating for her clients. She described their purpose and immediately I knew I had to have one. I wasn’t sure why but I felt compelled to order one immediately.

At the time, I was living in a very large home with my partner, my two children and his four children. There was unrest, intrusion and disruption in our home due to unresolved issues around his divorce. I was not ambivalent about my feelings for my partner but I WAS ambivalent about the prospects of working through the escalating circumstances that felt unresolvable. As you know, ambivalence is not a lack of interest, concern or care; it is the feeling you get when you have very strong emotions about conflicting courses of action.

I felt stuck. I was unable to stay and yet also unable to leave. Was the situation really unworkable? If only I try a little harder… If only he or they [fill-in-the-blank]… We both wanted it to work, yet we were both unwilling to give up our own vision of how to make it work and create a shared one.

At the time, I anticipated that the door protector would protect our home from these disruptions. I hoped it would create an energetic cocoon that would bring harmony and peace to our blended family. When Lidia installed the door protector I felt a sigh of relief. Little did I know why or what the protector was really here to do!

Fast forward five years. My partner and I decided to end our relationship three years ago, after two years of significant turmoil. Within four weeks of putting our house on the market, and in the middle of the worst recession seen in decades, it quickly sold for the price we wanted.  I moved into a house that I had seen three years prior, but wasn’t ready at the time, to leave the relationship. Everything fell into place with little effort. This is not to say that the emotional journey was easy, but the universe supported a smooth physical transition.

My door protector came with me to my new house, where I have found peace, harmony, career success, spiritual break-throughs, and a new relationship that brings me much joy and laughter.

I have now come to realize that the door protector came to protect me; to help move me along my path. All along it was there to help me hear my inner wisdom and support me in taking the course of action that, while very painful, released and eventually healed me.

Below is the view from my current backyard deck. Every day I look at the mountains and I am grateful for my life. I am grateful for all; even the challenges. Both aspects have all helped me become Me.

A good friend of mine gave me a plaque for my kitchen that says “It is never too late to live happily ever after” and I believe my door protector has played (and will continue to play????) a more significant role than I would have expected in making this my reality.”

Di Hall, 51 Years Old

Harvard, MA

Di Hall backyard 1
Di Hall Backyard 1
Di Hall Backyard 2
Di Hall Backyard 2

When I asked Di Hall to send me some thoughts about what she thought was the role of her door protector in her life for the past 5 years, I expected bullet points to build the post around it. Instead, I received a ready to publish piece with her signature attached! I am not only grateful to her, but Di’s review provides me with the perfect way to end the series. Her explanation that the art was there to protect her makes perfect sense. It was created to bring about balance, love and peace to the dwelling. But as she was the one who commissioned it, her questions seem to have been picked up by Spirit, so in creating it with the intention to make the best possible outcome for everyone, Spirit guided my hand and provided her with the sense of peace and contentment she needed.

I started this series to explore the impact, if any of what I suspected was a powerful art work. As I wrote in the first June entry, I started creating them because I didn’t know how else I could help people when I was unable to be present to sense the energy of the space in question and how it was affecting those who live there. Afterwards, I offered them because there weren’t enough adjustments I could install to help the situation I was facing. I hoped that my pure intentions embedded in a work I know I co-create with Spirit would do a good job. It has exceeded my expectations and that of the many clients who now own one. They create a peaceful energy field and are constant reminders of the state of harmony, available to us all, that is the essence of the universe.

The door protector is available as 6 limited edition museum quality prints and 6 gallery wrapped canvas reproductions that need no framing. Each piece is signed and blessed prior to shipping and includes explicit instructions for hanging it above the front door of the home. You can find the art by clicking on door protectors’ gallery, and intend to create an “energetic cocoon” that will bring harmony and peace to your life.

Have a great week everyone! Please comment and ask questions. I love to hear from you.


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