What We Want and What We Manifest May Be a Cupful of Cravings

A Cupful of Cravings by LidiaScherArt.com 40" x 30" Mixed Media Acrylic on Canvas Wrapped
A Cupful of Cravings by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009

No matter in what setting I find myself these days, I hear people talking about resolutions and goals to bring about a change they perceive will bring a happiness that is obviously lacking.

Regardless of how successful these folks appear, a background yearning moves them to decide that in order to have a good year, they must change careers, increase their incomes, socialize more, be in a new relationship, lose weight, exercise more, get a new car, a new house, travel, or whatever else is perceived as shifting the lack of comfort they are experiencing.

Resolving to achieve their desires, they create specific goals designed to ensure their manifestation in a meaningful time frame, and New Year’s Day tends to be a popular marker.

Research indicates that 46% of the people who make New Year’s resolutions never even get started. On line advertising company SocialVibe reported that in 2012, thirty-nine percent of people in their twenties followed through and reached their goals and just fourteen percent of those in their fifties fulfilled their dreams.

The 39 % who achieved their goals may have seen sheer willpower prevail, most likely due to their life cycle. The 14% of 50 Something’s may have experienced prior success by diligently applying focused will on their goals or succeeded because their chosen aim was just what was needed to shift stagnant energy and at least for the time being, regained a sense of contentment and even a peacefulness they did not have before.

By the time that the 46 % who did not even get started, or quit by the second week in January went to sleep on the first of the year, they were already shaky but not from champagne. As they toasted, they heard a familiar doubting voice softly whispering their prior failures and instead of interpreting these voices as just erroneous thoughts, as the sounds got louder, they gave up and created more erroneous history.

Reality is that unless what we want comes from a place of abundance instead of lack, it is rooted in the truth that comes from understanding our soul’s path, and we consciously choose to disregard our prior history, what we all actually manifest is not only ephemeral; it turns into a Cupful of Cravings for hollow change and an unrealized pursuit of happiness.

The painting above is a mixed media acrylic & enamel on canvas with paper, netting, cotton, acrylic gemstones, foiled paper & glitter, created to help us question what we really want. The nature of the rich looking cup’s contents causes us to see them us bubbles, or as baubles. What rises from the cavity maybe be yummy or a deadly poison. In all cases, nothing is what it seems, just like the cravings we have for life changes we decide to make without looking to what our heart is really wanting. A Cupful of Cravings invites you to notice the ego’s cravings bubbling up and decide to sip from your soul’s desires instead.

The original art needs no framing, and museum quality reproductions are also available to help you work on your true goals. When you are on your way, you can use the piece to invite your friends over and help them get clear on their cravings! Click on Spiritual Art Gallery to see the work up close.

Have an awesome week and tune in next week to learn ways to start seeing life as abundant instead of scarce. Please email me your thoughts and comments.


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