Finding Oneness


Finding Oneness by Lidia Kenig Scher
Finding Oneness By Lidia Kenig Scher © 2013

Is more like finding everything and everyone…within us.
It is like moving through life as if we are a tree branch in the river.
It is feeling connected to all the waters, the wind, the earth, the sky and all who are part of the various flowing, and crossing currents of our lives.
Funny thing… like when we are in the water, life is peaceful and we find true joy when we float along, trusting that Spirit will support us.

Finding oneness is akin to hearing words sounding senseless under water, so we can’t attach great meaning.
It is like encountering creatures that may look threatening or downright charming, knowing that they will soon move along by the sheer pull of the currents.
We come to expect the deeply buried treasures that appear, when strong wind comes a calling.
And we gladly embrace the storms for they are perfect for our growth.

Grounded in this moment, while accepting a river’s constant moving and changing
Water gifts us with a crystalline perfection of the self we choose to see.
The one we also see reflected in the words and actions of our peers
Alas, it is then that we see ourselves connected.

There is more than what appears
Wading in the bottom, skimming the surface and swimming in the middle, we look for clues
We connect to Spirit and see One
This revelation is simply life changing.

As we open to this truth, Spirit pours into us.
Affirming our uniqueness, as a cog in the wheel of existence.
Yet when we find oneness, we are no longer ordinary humans.
For our insight springs from the heart mind that is the heart of the All.

In this 40” x 36” mixed media on cradled canvas I found Oneness by seeing Spirit
In everything and everyone
It had been there all along
Spirit was within me and that is the Oneness of All!

May you be inspired to discover Oneness
Through this painting on your wall.
Click on Finding Oneness to see a close up view
Have a great week!


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