The Four Immeasurables: An Ever Giving Happiness Tree

The Four Inmeasurables by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009
The Four Inmeasurables by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2009

The work featured here relates to the Buddhist concept of personal responsibility for everything that happens in one’s life. It implies that we exist in a quantum field and as such, we are all connected, life and death are a continuum and we are holographic in nature. This means that everyone of my actions affects not only myself but the entire Universe. So that when I am angry, I create anger around me which then vibrates beyond me and creates anger elsewhere. As it meets with other angry vibrations, it continues to reverberate to cause anger that can be quite faraway from me, the original source. Conversely, when I am vibrating at the level of love, care and compassion, the same vibrational path causes love and compassion to occur not only around me but quite far away from me, the source.

The Buddha taught that as I practice loving kindness, I can overcome anger. Loving kindness is the practice to bring happiness to others without asking for anything in return.

As I practice compassion, I can overcome cruelty, because compassion has the capacity to remove suffering from others without asking anything in return.

As I live in joy others around me also vibrate with joy and we all enjoy well-being and success.

As I look at all people and events without prejudice and with total presence, I am able to see everything without attachments or aversions. I know that I am not separate from another. I don’t reject one thing to chase after another because I understand the importance of this event, this thing and this moment.

The Buddha named this teaching, The Four Immeasurables and told his son Rahula that practicing the four immeasurables will help him become “a refreshing source of vitality and happiness for others” and by implication, for himself.

This golden “tree of life” aptly titled The Four Immeasurables,  is well grounded in all the precepts embodied in the prayer-see below, which is also written on the back of the painting . I invite you all to carefully view a larger version,  maybe purchase the original or a museum quality limited edition reproduction and after installing it in a special place you can see often, recite the prayer nine times as you focus intently on the piece.

The Four Immeasurables Prayer

May all beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.

May all beings be free from suffering and the cause of suffering.

May all beings remain separated from the sacred joy and happiness that is totally free from sorrow.

May all beings come to rest in the boundless all-inclusive equanimity that is beyond attachment and aversion.

Click on The Four Immeasurables, in the Spiritual Art Gallery and let me know what happened.



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