Standing at the Portal

Standing at the Portal_LidiaKScher
Standing at the Portal by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2014

Standing at the portal I look ahead.
Behind me, it is all I know and learned.
As I am perched at the last step,
I feel it crumbling beneath my feet.
Time to move forward, my heart whispers.
Things sure look confusing!
I can see familiar shapes but may not be what it appears.
Scanning ahead, I see light beyond some bubbles.
These are springing from my toes.
That’s it, an angel beckons.
You can now slide forward past the columns.
Rise up and ride the shiny spheres,
As they dissolve into red spirals.
Wait a minute, I am not ready,
Cries a baby voice within.
Yet, I know it is not true,
I have been ready for a while,
But I could not find the door.
I now forge a path ahead, simply guided by my light.
I am a lamp unto myself!



This painting came about when I was contemplating ”the next step”. I had an injured right hand, and a very important relationship weighted heavily in my heart, after many years of trying to heal it. I could not write on my journal, so I went in to the studio, for it is my oasis of Spirit’s unconditional love.

I was moved to glove my hand and pick up a canvas I had started, with the intention of covering what I painted and starting a new. Unable to hold a brush, I left the original arch on top and I played with several techniques that involved moving paint by tilting the canvas. The process of waiting for the layers to dry, allowed for healing to take place, and a story started to take shape, so to speak. The arch became a portal that beckoned me to assess my lessons and move forward. As the days progressed, I could hold larger objects, thus the “bubbles” were added, using a large cork stopper. This morning I was able to paint smaller details and complete the piece and the poem.

Standing at the Portal is a 36” x 18” mixed media on canvas that requires no framing. It helped me realize that I am complete with a darkness I lived under for much too long, and can now allow myself  to move forward. It is time to let the light within me shine forth and close a painful karmic cycle in this lifetime. I am ready to experience the joy of living as an empowered light source, and like Jennifer Hoffman * calls it, I am no longer a “martyred healer”. You may be able to work with this painting to heal your karmic relationships and cultivate your light within to shine forth brightly. Click on Standing at the Portal, to view a close up and purchase it, if you like. You’ll be glad you did!

Please add your comments and suggestions and enjoy a great week!

*Note: Ascending into Miracles, Jennifer Hoffman, 2001 Feed Your Muse Press, LLC/Lee’s Summit, MO


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