The Way Life Sounds
The Way Life Sounds by Lidia Kenig Scher © 2014

A work of art has never existed before. In order to produce it, the artist had to access a different dimension of being; one that is neither familiar nor mundane where she weaves her thoughts and beliefs into the language of colors, textures and shapes. The resulting artwork now emits the vibration that the artist etched into the piece and will forever broadcast it where it is installed.

The vibration that art works emit and how easy it is for a lay person to understand the embedded language, is dependent on how the artist chose to access the creative dimension.

Creating art requires a form of meditation where the artist and the canvas, or marble, in the case of a sculpture, are one. The depth of the interaction can be measured by reading the brain wave frequencies recorded on an EEG, and most often can be seen in the style of the art. It becomes harder and harder to intellectually understand what the art is voicing, when it comes to abstract art. Non-representational art requires that the viewer also enter the state of being that the artist accessed to connect to the conversation the artist intended. Abstract art requires you to participate fully, not just hang it in the living room.

Most beginning meditators can record Alpha Brain Waves, at 8 to 12 cycles per second, and many artists are able to create magnificent works of art. Much of realistic art is conceived in the Alpha state of consciousness.

Theta Brain Waves, at 4 to 8 cycles per second are associated with deep meditation and dreaming. Art conceived in this state of consciousness tends to be surrealistic in nature, or abstract. Salvador Dali is an example of the former, and Mark Rothko is an example of the latter.

Delta Brain Waves at 0.5 to 4 cycles per second, are recorded when we are in the state of deep dreamless sleep, deeply relaxed and can easily access the state of oneness; the “Buddha field”. Scientists also call it the quantum field. In this state we create what is beyond thought and have complete access to the realm of Spirit. In this state, the voice is divine. The works of Jean Dubuffet and Jackson Pollock are examples of creating while in a Delta brain wave state.

The Way Life Sounds, a 12” x 12” mixed media on cradled wood. It needs no framing and was created in a Delta meditative state. Although I did not “know” it at the moment, I was recording the slow, yet natural rhythm of my breathing while allowing the Divine to speak freely. Just painting, just cutting, just gluing, just being; where a distraction is embraced, and released to be transformed, I dwelled in peace and grace. The colors are soft and subtle; the textures are easy and attractive. The lines are vertical and sinuous, simply peaceful. The light reflected in the shimmery paint speaks to the god-like interaction. Spirit asked that I abide in the field of potentiality, create my life and make my dreams manifested. By working with this painting, this invitation is open to you as well, where ever it is installed. Go to The Way Life Sounds and buy it now!

Have a great week and let me know how it worked.


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