This Morning I Knew For Sure: I AM Buddha!

The Bodhisattva Way-Generosity by Lidia Kenig Scher
The Bodhisattva Way-Generosity by Lidia Kenig Scher (c)

All I have to do is awaken it, right? It is always within, said a well-known guru. Yet some days, it seems really hard to find anything within.

In the morning I think as Buddha. At night I think like I don’t know anything. Some days I act like Buddha, and at other times…Not!  At times I am present; totally at one with the moment. Other times I trip myself futuring or revisiting well-traveled pastures

Yet when I reflect on the Buddha’s words…”if you see Buddha; kill it”, I remember that I am Buddha at all times. I don’t have to seek it. It is here at home clearly wearing my earthly form.

Sometimes I create peace and light for myself and others. At other times I attend life school to be a better Buddha. I see what and who shows up and I surrender to the lesson. Yet at other times, just like when I played “hooky” from school, I get in trouble and create misery for myself and others. I am Buddha then too. I am aware and patient with myself.

Overall I know that I travel the path of form and my purpose is to use this form to be awake for the good of all. I wholeheartedly open to infinite knowledge and I am able to bring the knowledge to those who need it to awaken their Buddha within. I meet these fellow travelers often. I learn and I teach, whether in counseling, meditating, “feng-shuing”, designing a space or painting a new piece.

Some of my friends tell me that they are uncomfortable when I suddenly state what “I hear”. I seem to remind them that I may be “hearing voices”. Of course you know the connotations… Yet I know it is my heart, open to the infinite knowledge available to me when I ask, or when someone near me states a question.

How do I “hear” the answers? Who knows! It may be the flowers on the vase who are responding. It could be the tree outside my bedroom window speaking the wise answers. Maybe it is the air whizzing by the outdoors café spot. Could it be the buildings nearby that are whispering? Perhaps the clouds are speaking my language on that day. Or the gentle kiss of the sun gets etched on my face, or the light of the moon is painting silvery streaks on my head. Sometimes the page in a book has the answer written so clearly,  or a radio host is just saying what I need to hear! I was once in a card shop and I found the answer to an earlier query…All I know is that what I hear is always perfect and it becomes even more perfect when I act on this “inspiration”.

My beloved teacher HH Lin Yun, Rinpoche called it our sixth sense. He said that we all have it, but like any sense, it must be developed and used well, so it performs best as needed. Presence, acceptance, trust, love, joy…these are key states to making this sense a top-notch ally on the path of wisdom. This sense is particularly alive when I paint.

All of us can experience what I just described. We are all able to open to our Buddha nature. We can all open our hearts and hear the answers we need. We can all manifest our deepest dreams if we allow ourselves to hear the unexpected and with the eyes and hearts of a young child, are willing to explore the entire universe. That what is beyond what we know. We are divine; and as above so below, we can ask, understand and follow through on what we hear without fear. We are Buddhas!

The 40″ x 36″ mixed media with acrylics on canvas is a visual and sensory Buddha field immersion experience. The bold sweeps of paint accented by little jewels embraces us and brings the focus to the center mirrors, where we can merge into the picture and open to the immensely joyous experience of an awaken Buddha Within. Although the original painting is sold; blessed and embellished giclee prints on wrapped canvas or museum quality paper prints are available for purchase. Click on The Bodhisattva Way-Generosity and have an awesome week!


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