The Autumn Lake

The Lake By Lidia Kenig Scher
The Feng Shui Series: The Lake by Lidia Kenig Scher (c) 2014

This painting may help you cut down your dentist bills; really!

Can you feel the chill in the air as the early autumn sun sets on a clear and calm lake? The time nears 6 PM and the soft and appealing blues will soon turn bluish gray. Looking at a Fall landscape through an oval window, we know that the tree in the foreground will soon lose its summer dress. A flock of birds is reflected on the water, flying in perfect formation to reach their next station before nightfall. The scene is cool, serene, refined and beautiful.

The paragraph above describes the qualities of what in Asian healing arts including Feng Shui represent the elemental energy of soft metal and within our bodies it is evident in the health of our mouth and teeth, among other body/organ parts. You heal an imbalance in metal in your home and your mouth smiles.

Along with acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chinese Herbal Medicine, these healing modalities are centered on restoring balance to the body-mind continuum through the five elemental energies that make up the life force or chi within that continuum, and are mirrored in nature. Earth, Fire, Wood, Water and Metal’s inherent characteristics assist a healing practitioner in selecting the optimal tools to release an identified, by its symptoms, stagnant elemental energy; or slow down fast moving ones and redirect the flow of chi when appropriate to coax the body and mind into healing itself.

The art and science of Feng Shui uses the same principles as they are evident within a physical space, to identify the symptoms and restore health and balance in a living and working space, and create an optimal environment where harmony, happiness and natural growth blossom.

As the physical space reflects the issues we experience in the world, when the energy of Soft Metal is missing or it is imbalanced, the occupants of a space may experience difficulties with creative projects, artistic endeavors, or problems with their offspring. A business may see people behaving rather self-righteously or not communicating clearly. People living in such home may visit the dentist more often, have respiratory problems and frequent neck pain or sore throats, as well as lungs and large intestine related health conditions.

Re-arranging the furniture and accessories in a home will change its vibration and help restore the necessary balance for healing, living well and growing. However, a powerful physical object that embodies the healthy elemental energy will more forcefully offset the weaknesses and positively affect and support the healed vibrational field.

The painting, The Lake was created as a Feng Shui adjustment to vibrate soft metal energy and promote health, joy, calm and focus through its symbols, such as peaceful and pristine lakes and ponds, sunsets, grayed blues, off-whites and ovals. The more we notice the painting and begin to mirror its qualities, the sooner we are on our way to a healthier and more wholesome life.

The original 9” x 12” acrylic oval-shaped painting needs no framing, and comes with instructions for where to install it in your space. It is very well priced, it is blessed, and it is destined to enhance your life and cut your dentist bills :). Click The Lake to purchase it right now!

Have a great autumn week!


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